Vemma as a product is good with a powerful anti oxidant ingredient called Mangosteen which is also a cancer killing agent. Registered members in Nigeria have not been paid their commissons for 5months due to this. This amazing pool bonus maximizes the power of our revolutionary Straight-Matrix compensation plan. Trevo contains noni juice, aloe vera, rapsberry, mangosteen, grape, and other exotic fruits, herbs, vegetables and ingredients and it sells for N and i am saying dont buy it from me or anyone for N, get registered and buy it yourself at N That is not the vision of the mlm industry. Helping Hands international is a Ponzi Scam.

The full package start with the Golden Registration. The ways listed above highlight the benefits of the matrix compensation plan — including being able to make money from the first through fourth levels of your network. Also each bottle gives points as shown under QVP and this points from your team sum up to your GVP and from all that joined trevo after you, their points contribute to your TVP as shown on the far right. There are six 6 different ways to join Trevo business. For example if you are on first level of director it means you share on just that level but if your points ends at about 20, it means you share in three levels. The billion dollar company storms Calabar this weekend. You earn commissions on every purchases made by your team members up to the 8th generation.

For their to be market it may either be a product to some1 or people or a service to someone or people. How is the sponsoring part going for you?


Trevo MLM Review – Jetro Olowole

Now if i buy 3cartons of the toothpaste a month and every other months i would have to look for who to sell it to to meet up my case credit and the higher you go on the plan the higher discount you get in buying. Fast start bonus is N14, Ce site utilise des cookies. Now note that we have niggeria a lot if Ponzi scam in the past.

trevo nigeria business plan

Now am very sorry buy i love figures so much so lets be statistical. Introduction In a fast-food nation filled with drive-through lunches and frozen-food dinners, many people eat too little of the right food That way, everybody wins.

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If your friend thinks she likes the system of Trevo she should join them. We have compiled an impressive array of leadership bonuses that will amaze even the most experienced network marketer. Once you have gotten a level where you buy at a particular price or once you bsuiness to another level where you buy at a more discounted rate, you cannot go back which is cool but i tell them hey, either ways you are still compelled to buy and sell the only difference is that you retail profit is higher.

This will help you to know rtevo qualification status monthly. Gladly he went to bring it.

trevo nigeria business plan

I tell you using the example above when i said a Ponzi scam pays you N on every N registration. Left to me, she shouldn’t join. Helping businews is not rendering services. Senior Manager- 3active legs with each having busineess personal pv and accumulate pv in the same month. Influential network marketers where taken to South Africa, to entice people into joining Vemma and to gain their Trust.


Trevo has natures best ingredients inside of it. The only advantage that is making h2i stand out now is that their registration fee is low and you can easily target to low income Nigerians. The problem is people jump into network marketing with the wrong mindset… They believe they will get something for nothing. I know what you want to say that they are the same right? Advantage- you earn up to N, with people in your team on matched bonus paid out weekly.

Now ask yourself would you sell the 1bottle or you would consume it with either ways you earn more. However, the ways of earning money are similar to most other MLMs. Vemma also granted him a franchise approval in the same country.

To recover your capital through fast start alone you would have to sign up about 7people on this package. N per person you enroll is massive. Let no one deceive u, if the mlm industry must progress in Nigeria we must tell ourselves the truth and No article has ever been so truthful.

Trevo MLM Review

If you have pple on your left leg and 15pple on your right leg Aims global would pay you on d purchase power of 15pple until you balance up. When that person signs up someone else,d person gets N fast start bonus nd u get N matchn bonus…so for each N your 1st generation enrollee receives you receive N matching bonus…nd once again there is no limit to the amount you can earn here too.

Trevo is one product, one company all you need in capsules, syrubs, tablets etc blended in one bottle. Forget about all they tell you that registration is free, you get free products, frenzy bonus and all. They also offer leads for sale to help you reach more people, and grow your business faster. They actively support a variety of charitable organizations and ministries both in their local community and in the global community. Now once you attain a level on foreva livings marketing plan you cannot fall back.