Still profoundly serious in its subject matter, Strange Fish unmistakably communicates ideas about loneliness and conflict, longing and dissappointment, the need to believe in someone or something to fill the void. Q2] COL’s pace shows; metaphors, the feelings of the performers, and contrast to demarcate the stages of the narrative and provide a conclusion. Time There is a single frame of reference to time in SF, and there is no indication of measured time passing due to the lack of natural light and other indicators of passing days. In Strange Fish we wanted Melanie to have a language of her own that people couldn’t understand, so a lot of the words are English sung backwards, or Latin — yet at the same time I think it is very clear what she is saying. The movement strand has been integrated into the performers and space strands, depending on whether the movement originates from the performers, space or the camera. This indicates that their independent judgment has been reduced and relinquished to Newson in some way. In total Newson has created 18 renowned pieces.

This perception of the role of the snake may allow further interpretations of the connections between the snake that tempted Eve and the Christ that paid the price for those sins. Consider; positioning of bodies in space, use of elevation, organization of sight-lines, and the positioning and angle of the camera. This indicates that their independent judgment has been reduced and relinquished to Newson in some way. These 2 contrasting pieces regarding movement have similarities with themes and sub-themws within the narratives which still manages to present the differences between their messages yet them both being centered around male behaviour,sexuality, and insecurity. He notes that his background in psychology has ‘provoked him me constantly to ask why’ Luckhurst: Absolutely, I am glad you think that. And I wonder about those dancers who are always trying to be like some aesthetic or classical ideal, or trying to imitate the choreographer or one another:


strange fish dv8 essay

Her more directed actions then involve walking over to the cross and engaging in a battle of gaze, and a cat and mouse game with Melanie Christat ewsay point Melanie’s reactions show fear, this reinforces Wendy’s power. Beckett was able to use humour and absurdism to say the same things we were saying so earnestly, and it was not that his work was any less powerful; in fact I found that through humour and style rv8 could find different ways to talk about the same issues.

This would allow for a more coherent and contextual perspective of the shifts, by finding notable strands of constant and dynamic changes with the body of work created during this time. Describe why this is so, in terms of the use of spatial patterning, the architecture of the space, the objects, metaphors and other ideals or items within the space.

(PDF) Lloyd Newson and his shifting political frameworks | Belinda Grantham –

Choreological Perspective on Choreography. The religious thematic content in Strange Fish made use of existing metaphors and the content provided the main mode of knowledge that was repeatedly subverted. Is it shown dvv8 proximity, action, postures, stillness, nudity, dialogue, or intertextual references?

In his theory this is determined by the separation from others, and is a characteristic of men.

The silence of the man : an essay on Lloyd Newson’s Physical Theatre.

Having gained relevant data based on the information gathered in these 4 areas, what category of political belief can the company and choreographer be assumed to have? Q2] Metaphors in SF can be seen as having largely religious connotations, whereas in COL the metaphors relate to disguise, denial of individuality, and personal experiences.


The Enlightenment was focussed on the notion of ‘objectivity’ and a single root of logic from which knowledge and truth could be determined. Revista de Dones I Textualitat 7. Time The use of time is not for the express purpose of esswy power-knowledge. She appears to have a close connection with religious objects, for example; the candles, esssay cross around her neck, the book, and the shrine with an image of Jesus at the centre, that is covered in candles and paraphernalia.

Sartre believed that the person who is looked at always becomes the object, while the look is the agent.

This mimicry may be seen as an attempt to subvert his power, and regain their positions of power. Furthermore she notes that as a means of collecting data, oral history methodology is largely used in gender and sex studies. This alludes to a shift in Newson’s earlier stark and grim depictions of reality.

When she re-enters the space and moves towards her shrine, the sound of her footfall is amplified, which emphasizes her presence without changing the dynamics or nature of her character.

Interview: Dance & Dancers

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This theoretical framework will subsequently be applied to the contextual analysis as well as two case studies in order to test its effectiveness. This may imply that the resulting work has a greater political effect on the viewer by affecting their identity. It also uses eight intensely individual performers.

This provides distinction and an antagonistic view of power as well as the implicit distinctive hierarchy, whereby the performers are not acknowledged as individuals, placed alongside his concern with developing their performance skills in the context of his needs as a director.


Q6] The thematic context and narrative in SF relate to religious methodologies that have an influence on people’s behaviour. But all the subject matter and all the things I ask for are very carefully worked around the theme.

In Britain the X6 collective formed ddv8 was one of the first companies to import and employ contact improvisation, release and pedestrian movement from the USA. And this reading would then affect the role of Lauren and Wendy. Other times, it might be as simple as that I woke up one day with someone’s arm across me, and I panicked because I thought is this trapped, or is this embraced?

In this piece, Wendy Houstoun asks Nigel Charnock to fly; she wants Dale Tanner to be able to stand in a handstand for longer than is possible; she expects things, and there is a large sense of control and manipulation of people to get her desired reactions. The first of these is that it is only when political beliefs are internalised and institutionalized that they shape change, and the function of institutions is to ‘facilitate the internalization of values’ Preston also ewsay that the structuralist view of perception is now altered.

How do these relate to the previous questions? COL depicts both homo and heterosexuality and therefore allows the spectator’s gaze to align with both, which may result in altering their perceptions.

strange fish dv8 essay

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