Especially in those “formative writing” fields, the solution to writer’s block is to write something even if you have no confidence it will be there in that form at the end. While we appreciate the willingness of faculty to consider thesis supervision while on sabbatical or leave, please consider your best interests and those of the student before making the commitment. Undergraduate cap and gown is required for the Medals Ceremony, and can be purchased at the Student Book Store. Your thesis proposal is used to:. Thesis Supervisor Your thesis supervisor is the professor who has primary responsibility for — wait for it — supervising your thesis.

Do not list the same person twice. If there is only one appendix, call it simply appendix, not appendix a Buy Schreyer Honors College Thesis Submission Online at a discount. Each chapter is a subtopic related to the whole. Thesis Tiac A figure is a graphic illustration such as a chart, graph, diagram, map, or photograph. To defer your graduation with honors: Try to avoid typing a heading near the bottom of a page unless there is room for at least two lines of text following the heading. If one of the signers has a dual role e.

In this case, the required approvals are the thesis supervisor and the Scholar’s current honors adviser in the major.

The constraint that’s least discussed but is probably most important, of course, is your abilities. Keep it short and prolosal the most interesting points.

Schreyer Honors College Thesis Submission

As a ballpark figure: A thesis must include a bibliography or reference section listing all works which are referred to in the text, and in some cases other works also consulted in the course of research and writing.


Friday, March 06, by Alternatively, tables andor figures may be grouped together at the end honorw each chapter.

This, and our expectation that Schreyer Scholars graduate on-time rather than staying on solely for thesis work, should be taken into account in determining whether the initial thesis proposal is appropriate, and whether the final submission is acceptable. You should include an acknowledgments page if you received a grant from the university or an outside agency that supported your research.

Thesis supervisor and honors adviserthen list both roles under the professional title Schreyer Honors College Thesis Submission For Sale Thesis On Gay Marriage Be sure all faculty members are identified by their propoasl professional titles. Other Notes Continue to revise your draft as required by your thesis supervisor and readers before receiving your electronic approvals.

Thesis Submission Guide | Schreyer Honors College (SHC) at Penn State

However, if contacted inside a hurried and unorganized fashion, it may be your least rewarding encounters. Proxy Signatures If a signer is not available to sign at the appropriate time, a proxy signature is allowed so that the thesis will qualify for final submission.

Font Color The majority of your thesis document should be in black font, however color is permissable in figures, tables, links, etc. The SHC staff doesn’t review the content of the proposal, so the intended audience is your would-be thesis supervisor and the honors adviser in your intended area of honors. However, if you want to thank particular colleagues, faculty, librarians, archivists, interviewees, and advisers, heres the place to do it. All uonors are collected electronically via the eHT system.


The best and only way to minimize all of these problems, whether substantive about thesis progress or quality or logistical availability to review and approveis for the thesis honors advisor to enforce clear expectations from the outset thesis proposaland throughout the process.

Thesis Proposal For Hospitality Industry. Springnot Mayyour thesis title and your name List the name and professional title of your thesis supervisor and honors adviser in the department granting honors. The SHC is willing to delay that process by up to two years if there is a sdhreyer or publication pending; we will not delay for proprietary or classified material, which should not be included in the thesis.

schreyer honors college thesis proposal

Your thesis supervisor will have ample experience in these workflow issues so you should make it a big part of your initial discussions and you should keep on track with whatever you agree to. They simplify their work, on the other hand, when they recognize that there are many effective ways to say something and that their job is only to choose one way and execute it so that readers will know what they are doing. Faculty who will move to retired or emeritus status over the course of the thesis process after submission of the proposal may supervise theses, with the approval of the department via the thesis honors advisor see belowbut this is a serious commitment that you should not make unless you are absolutely willing to fulfill the role with the same level of commitment as currently-employed faculty.

If your thesis content is such that you feel you need to upload content other than text to properly represent your work, upload the textual portion of your thesis first as a single, standalone pdf file.


schreyer honors college thesis proposal

Scholarly writers have to colllege their material, [and] express an argument clearly enough that readers can follow the reasoning and accept their conclusions. Of course, the other side of the coin is that you need to get used to accepting feedback and, at your discretion, incorporating it into your work. In the case that these are the same person, a second reader will need to be selected.

Final Thesis Submission Due: A term paper can be spectacularly ambitious, lengthy, and well-done but its only goal is to demonstrate that colelge student has mastered the material. Thesis Tiac A figure is a graphic illustration such as a chart, graph, diagram, map, or photograph.

These are all things you may want to discuss with your honors adviser and with would-be thesis supervisors, keeping in mind that faculty are people and therefore have different temperaments. Use the template provided at the top of this page as a pattern for creating your title page.

The thesis is the culmination of honors education at Penn State, so thesis supervision is a particularly important role.

Only tenure-line faculty, or equivalently credentialed and experienced non-tenure-line faculty, may supervise honors theses.