Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The reason for this observation is difficult to interpret, but a better utilization of resources may be the reason Ugolini et al. Cup to disc ratio CDR is the mainly used clinical feature to diagnose glaucoma. The aim of this thesis is to provide a methodology to extract quantitative parameters from optical coherence tomography OCT images and to relate these parameters to sample properties such as structure, organization and flow. This limitation is driven in part by challenges faced by conventional schemes in validating lesion adequacy at the time of the procedure. Few bibliometric studies have appeared in the literature in the field of ophthalmology.

Under this situation, using suitable imaging techniques would be extremely helpful in detecting disease and diagnosing pathologies of the inner ear. Publication pattern of medical theses, France, Geisler Geisler E. After adjustment for population size Table 5B , the United States was downgraded to 9 th place, and China disappeared from the top 20 countries. We have used an optical coherence tomography elastography OCTE system for characterizing the differences in the micro-mechanical properties of benign and malignant human The year was chosen to allow at least two years for the later theses to reach publication.

pubmed ophthalmology thesis topics

Supplemental Information 3 Supplemental Table S3. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, reproduction and adaptation in any medium and for any purpose provided that it is properly attributed.

We characterized and compared coronary atherosclerotic plaque burden and vulnerable plaque phenotype by three-vessel optical coherence tomography OCT between ACS and SA groups.


The average yearly growth rate was also calculated for the whole PubMed database for the period — This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

In spite of the huge efforts in past years, the mechanisms underlying this type of hereditary blindness has not been elucidated and nor any effective treatment available. We estimated that a five-year period would provide pubmeed data for our study. To determine subsequent publication in an indexed journal, Medline search was performed up to December Pubmef suggest that using Medline and Embase together significantly improves the overall search coverage.

Dissertation topics.

Furthermore, because the PubMed database indexes only the affiliation of the first author before the yearwhen present the country affiliation of the authors indicated only one country per article and fails to identify collaborative research, 3 Attributing the credit of articles completely ophghalmology the first author may also not always indicate the country in which the research was conducted, and consequently may lead to underestimation of the research output in developed countries.

There is a regional trend in favor of Ophhalmology indexed journals. Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology.

pubmed ophthalmology thesis topics

However, we did want to identify what proportion of theses was published in these journals. A total of 62, articles were retrieved. Masters theses are neither expected to result in innovative research[ 4 ] nor should they be conducted simply to fulfill a degree requirement, choosing topics that are not publishable.


The study is mainly focused on the measurements of the bending of the pillars and of the velocity field, using optical coherence tomography.

Student Theses -Optical Coherence Tomography News

Thirty-one different languages were identified in the 62, articles retrieved. In Chapter 2, we report on a first attempt to quantify the correlation between the position of the catheter with respect to the luminal wall and the image intensities.

Received Sep 9; Accepted Dec MeSH terms obligatorily used by indexers to describe recurrent patterns in medical articles, were excluded from this frequency analysis because of their compulsory and recurrent character. Researchers have found significantly different publication rates between two universities in the same country, suggesting different institutional emphasis directed towards publication.

Masters theses from a university medical college: Publication in indexed scientific journals

Theses submitted prior to were not included as the numbers of postgraduate students then were smaller, possible differences in methodology and institutional resources available at that time could have made the data incomparable with more recent theses. Content on the diagnosis, treatment and delivery of services for diabetic retinopathy eye disease.

pubmed ophthalmology thesis topics

In contrast, including the position in the MeSH tree allowed us to identify the 20 most frequent topics related to eye diseases such as diagnostic techniques, physiological phenomena, anatomic structures, and methods of investigation. Moreover, since a part of the methodology used for this study has been used by other authors, some of our results may be compared with those of others in the future Ramos et al.

Interestingly, having published during the undergraduate period has been identified as a factor that encourages publication later.


Masters theses from a university medical college: Publication in indexed scientific journals

Results Journals The search in PubMed resulted in a total of 62, articles over the period to There has been keen interest to apply deep learning in the medical domain, particularly specialties that heavily utilize ophhtalmology, such as dermatology, pathology, radiology, and ophthalmology.

However selisistat did not alter the cytokine profile in this study. Anna Cardiakidis Myers ; Lunds universitet.

Children and eye care. Postgraduate medical education regulations, Minimum qualifications for teachers in medical institutions regulations, International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Rev Assoc Med Bras.