This year GradEx expands to a five-day, six-storey exhibition, including the iconic Sharp Centre for Design. I like to look at things really in depth and create solutions not just cosmetic solutions to problems but changing the way we think, the way we see problems and the way we look at the world. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where are you most productive? Working identity design for a bowling centre. Work in layers, start light and build up on it. Where does your inspiration come from?

Do you have favourite tools to work with? Uncensored curated by photographer Mario Testino, features many contemporary artists including photographs by Testino himself. How could have no one else looked into this and published a paper on it? I like to bounce off ideas with other people. Hoover Library is having a used book sale!

New to the site? I wish I had more time to produce more things.

Ocad thesis graphic design?

Where does your inspiration come from? I wanted my MRP to be clear to anyone who picked it up — not just people in academia, the assistive technology or design field. Thrsis Poutine Fest What are your plans when you graduate? Aicha Niazy In April, we had a chance to speak with 4th year Graphic Design student Aicha Niazy who was thesiw putting final touches on her thesis project. Thesis Statement Forrest Media My thesis project has been a gratifying, challenging, eye-opening experience.

ocad graphic design thesis

It was theory based, more about self-directed education than making a project. ReelAbilities Film Festival The thesis is based on the interactions. There maybe was a sentence here and there, but for the fhesis part research was on skill acquisition. Modified on July 25, However, knowing where to start, when to stop, and what to do in-between can make it challenging. Remember that time is of the essence. It depends on thesi I am designing.


And the art you create? Do you have favourite tools to work with? Ocad graphic design tip Wednesday, July 4, But to me, this was unfathomable. I like to bounce off ideas with other people. Saturday, May 2, 11 a.

ocad graphic design thesis

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How do you promote yourself? That is what I want to focus on when I graduate. Ocad thesis graphic design. I enjoyed some of the approaches that some of my profs had. Creating your MRP or thesis can be both an exciting and daunting experience.

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Tombs and bones and princesses and drones. What do you enjoy most deslgn your thess My thesis was on text message language and the creation of meaning. Well, for some people, that is currently their best option for communicating with the world. Some of the courses were very interesting because I probably had a different expectation of what the course was going to look like, but then it was very different from what I was thinking.

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