C, Kashyap Vibration analysis of structures. Datta, Abhijit and Manna, Swarnendu Kinematic analysis of wheeled mobile robot. Mehta, Abhishek Study of substitute frame method of analysis for lateral loading conditions. Varma, Penumatsa Lokesh Characterization of bio-oil and biodiesel blends. Misra, Gaurav Effect of nano-additives on epoxy composites. Pati, Soumya Ranjan Synthesis and characterisation of activated carbon and its study on Cr VI removal from water. Kanchan, Manu and Bansal, Ankur Conceptual design to transfer handicapped or old people from one platform to another.

Jain, Pavan Kumar and Md. Singh, S K Adsorption of dye by natural and modified wood dust. Kumar, Akash Kinetics studies in synthesis of dibenzyl sulphide in liquid-liquid-solid mode. Gantayet, S Vibration analysis of laminated composite turbo machinery blade. Prusty, Dibyaranjan and Pradhan, Hitaindra Kumar An investigation on texture-property correlation in cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel.

RaghuvanshiSourabh Singh Study of digital modulation techniques in the presence and absence of noise. Khan, Nabid Anjum Enhanced phase stability of metastable tetragonal zirconia nanocrystals prepared through novel chemical routes.

KumarKrishna Development of walk safe cane for the rehabilitaion of blind people. Behera, Ranjit Adsorption studies of malachite green using activated carbon Prepared from jackfruit seeds.

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Kumar, Abhijeet Development of low cost filter using herbal technique. Paswan, Prabhakar Kumar Assessment of ni oxidation of some indian coals. Chouksey, Ashutosh Study of parametric optimization of fused deposition modelling process using response surface methodology.

Duwary, Bijoy Kumar Liquid drop movement over an inclined surface using Volume of Fluid model with finite volume method.


Majhi, Manoj Kumar Effect of span length on bending strength and Weibull modulus of sintered alumina bar. Anand, A Parts of speech tagging using hidden Markov model, maximum entropy model and conditional random field.

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Nif, Bhuvnesh and Kumar, Pankaj Fatigue behavior of aluminium alloy. Upadhyay, Ankur and Kamal, Manish Characterization and utilization of fly ash. Mishra, Itishree and Priyadarsini, Asima Reduction kinetics of iron Ore pellets and the effect of binders.

IstiyaqM and Agarwal, A Prestressed modal analysis of non uniform beam using ansys. Kushwaha, Vishwajeet Analysis of torsional vibration characteristics for multi-rotor and gear-branched systems using finite element method.

Raut, Haraprasad Mullitization behaviour of alumina enriched clay inpresence of dopant fe2o3. Shrivastava, S Water quality analysis of water bodies of Kantajhar Basti. Panigrahi, Suseet Liquid drop dynamics under the effect of an induced horizontal wettability gradient. Minj, Amit Prem Prakash Green supply chain performance assessment: Praharaj, Amrit Design of a perfusion bioreactor for simulating synovial joint cavity.

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Kochupyloth, Pauljin Preperation of hydroxyapatie-alumina coated zirconia composites. Annavajhala, Mrudula Energy integration in sponge iron plant using heat of waste gas. Sreevathsanath, Kolli Surya Study of various parameters in diesel-generator sets. Sainath, Chaluvadi Venkata Face Detection using Color based method with lighting compensation scheme. SahSudhir Design and development of a packedbed scrubber for upgradation of biogas using a closed-loop process: Baran, Nirod Development and charecterization of soy lecithin and palm oil based organogels.

Siya, A K Analysis of sand gradation effects on relative density. Kalyan, Kumar Prabhu High heeled gait analysis of ankle joint forces using force platform.


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Kumar, K Seismic evaluation of crane supporting industrial steel buildings. Bagaria, Vishesh Processing and study of different properties of alumina product prepared by Slip Casting. Lakra, Roshan Assessement of uncertainity analysis of mine fans by studing ventilation network design. Patra, S S Synthesis and characterization of cordierite based glass-ceramic. Agrawal, Mohit Implementation of reed nt error correcting codes. Maheshwari, Baby Comparision of different algorithm for the segmentation of handwritten indian annotations.

nit rourkela b tech thesis

Garg, Sushil Development of a self balanced robot and its controller. Mohanty, Debajyoti Effect of sintering on some properties of NiZn-ferrite.