Professor Stephen Hawking’s website. References and Sourcing Good academic practice Referencing is the acknowledgment of the sources that you used when producing your piece of work. Reference the exact text used, in the same format eg book, journal article as you would reference English language material. One answer to this is that language change is natural, so there is no reason for people to condemn it Aitchison, , p. Title of app version number. Do not use spaces. E-journal See Journal article online.

If used, the contents page should list the Chapter Headings and the breakdown into sections. This example shows different kinds of changes to the original quotation: One answer to this is that language has always been subject to change, just as everything else in the world is, and we should not feel that this is a bad thing. Here is an example of the paragraph which has a short direct quotation inserted into it: The essay incorporating the question: The garden, Rowlandson House. If the coursework is not submitted by the end of fourteen calendar days following the prescribed deadline, a mark of zero should be returned for that component.

lubs assessed coursework coversheet

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. Do not use spaces. You will also be emailed coursswork second copy of the receipt, but this may take a while to reach you, especially at busy times. Council Regulation EC No. Wilson,cited in Smith,p. Your group should select ONE group member to upload the final assessment to the VLE, however all group members are responsible to ensure that the work is uploaded on time.


Referencing and submission guidance

One inconclusive study Shrensky, suggests that smaller dogs those weighing 9 kgs or under can be more easily taught to sing than larger dogs. This consists of fuller details of the publication e.

Country pub at lunchtime. If you want to remain neutral: There is no need to mention that it is a axsessed, to name the translator – it will be obvious from your reference which language you read it in.

Three essays in financial economics. However, you must take care that you don’t change the meaning. Upload document Create flashcards.

Lubs assessed coursework coversheet

These should be listed on the Contents Page for ease of reference. Burlinson, K and Crarer, C. Image details – location, coordinates, elevation. Horizon, Kids lost in care. A penalty will be applied if the word limit is exceeded, details of penalties can be found in Appendix D of this booklet. It is not necessary to provide a reference in your bibliography for an interview that you have conducted yourself.

You should always start your assignment with the assignment title. Conversation with Robert Jones, 24 January. Failure to submit by this time will result in a late penalty being applied.

A more perfect union. Electric transmission of water power. Title of conference, date of conference, location of conference. Map of the countries lying between Spain and India, 1: For online copies, reference these using the same format as e-book.

lubs assessed coursework coversheet

C Census statistics For print statistics, reference this using the same format as Book. You should then download a digital copy of your receipt, which includes details of date and time of submission and title.


The bibliography and appendices will not normally count towards the word limit. Year of reign of the monarch at the time the Act was introduced, the monarch’s name which can be abbreviated, chapter number of the Act Place of publication: Series Series title, number and title of episode if applicable.

Date, page number s. Check with your tutor lhbs the most appropriate way to present this in your work, eg including transcripts in an appendix. It also shows that you really do understand what the author is saying. This includes how to include citations within your text and how to reference different types of material using the Harvard style.