My room is not locked! Okay, four more years then! Pitta is the fire element, a metaphor for all processes including digestion. Oh, oh man, oh man, you know how that is, right, kids? But when I look at this group here, you know, I feel really safe.

Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world. So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality. Wishes you nothing but the worst. And if you listen to it, there will always be someone who is doing better than you. And they spend a great deal of their lives living in fight or flight response. Risk being seen in all of your glory.

Fear is going to be a player in jin life, but you get to decide how much. Now fear is going to be a player in your life.

Not hope, but faith. The imagination is always manufacturing scenarios — both good and bad — and the ego tries to keep you trapped in the multiplex of the mind. Sorry, a Freudian slip there. Painting is one of the ways I free myself from concern, a tarnscript to stop the world through total mental, spiritual and physical involvement.

jim carrey graduation speech transcript

When I was about 28, after a decade as a professional comedian, I realised one night in LA that the purpose of my life had always been to free people from concern. I have a reset button, and I ride that button constantly. So many of us choose our path out of caerey disguised as practicality.

Jim Carrey’s Commencement Address with Transcript

How do I know this? Applause, laughter Party size!


Wishes you nothing but the worst. A seed that will inspire you to move forward in life with enthusiastic hearts and a clear sense of wholeness.

Jim Carrey Graduation Speech Transcript at Maharishi University |

I used that time to eat a large meal. It is active and creative. I am elated, and truly, truly, truly excited to be present and fully connected to you at this important moment in your journey. The knowledge and experience necessary to be productive in life, as well as enabling the students, through Transcendental Meditation, and ancient Vedic knowledge to slack off twice a day for an hour and a half.

The queen of diamonds, under him, needs a king to build her house of cards. This is the voice of your ego. Different times of day use different elements for their purposes.

I have no limits! Curtain falls from in front of his painting.

Jim Carrey Commencement Speech

Big grin Thank you. I want to thank the Trustees, Administrators, the Faculty of M. Because they will eventually hurt themselves.

jim carrey graduation speech transcript

An archer, searching for his target in a mirror. But when I look at this group here today, I feel really safe! Woke up right in the middle of pitta, could not get back to sleep until vata rolled around! Or if I defied their expectations of me?

Jim Carrey’s Commencement Address with Transcript | Motivation Mentalist

Our eyes are not only viewers, but also projectors that are running a second story over the picture we see in front of us all vraduation time. My family informed me that I had won the bike in a raffle that a friend of mine had entered my name in, without my knowledge.


So you might want to move down front. Welcome to Burning Man.

jim carrey graduation speech transcript

What do they need that your talent can provide? I brought one of my paintings to show you today. And take it all in? He encouraged the students to think big and to choose love apeech than give into fear.