Title page, Abstract if required , Body, References. Student Groups and Professional Networks. Connect with fellow students beyond the classroom through groups that facilitate greater personal, academic, and cultural connection. The doctoral dissertation is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their ability to bridge theory and practice through research or evaluation. The committee members will sign Form P2 – Preliminary Oral Exam Completion which indicates the outcome of the preliminary oral presentation. Community members need to meet the same criteria of having the earned doctorate awarded more than 2 years previous to committee formation.

Form A2 Committee Formation requires Chairperson signature as well as the two selected faculty committee members. Following the oral presentation, a copy of the proposal and Form P2 are maintained on file with the Associate Program Director. If a student needs to change their Dissertation Chair, a new A1 form should be submitted for approval. These questions can examine psychotherapeutic interventions, clinical disorders and presenting problems, specific populations, risk and protective factors, assessment tools, cultural and diversity considerations, and other areas of study that provide an evidence base to inform practice. Throughout coursework, the student considers possible areas for research and interacts with faculty about dissertation ideas.

Students and Chairs are encouraged to submit their request for Committee Approval 4 to 6 weeks before the anticipated Preliminary Oral date. Whatever methods are selected, conceptual support through review of the related literature is necessary. PhD students will need to have a chair who holds a PhD degree.

Student Services We are committed to empowering, encouraging, and educating you for high achievement during your time at GSEP, and beyond. Each must possess an earned doctorate from an academically accredited institution awarded more than 2-calendar years from the time of committee formation.


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We are committed to empowering, encouraging, and educating you for high achievement during your time disdertation GSEP, and beyond. Kay Davis at kay. A table of contents can be created automatically. Students complete a clinical dissertation that emphasizes the link between research and practice and reflects our commitment to professional practice that is informed by the best available research evidence in the context of culture.

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A Final Defense is held when the student’s committee feels the diasertation is ready. GSEP at a Glance. The Final Oral Defense is open to the academic community and guests of the candidate. Numerous structures for dissertations are acceptable.

The student should submit the following to the Manager of Writing Support:. Pepperdine Community Emergency Information. Preparing the Final Draft Jared Peet. The methodology engaged will differ based upon the problem being addressed suoport well as preferences of the student and chairperson. The degree will be posted in the term that all requirements have been completed at the following times: Writing Support Center Writing and dissertation support is one of the most important student services we provide.

The chair, in collaboration with the other committee members, will decide when the proposal is ready for presentation at the Preliminary Oral Defense. A clearance by the Dissertation Support Office is required to ensure that Pepperdine University format requirements and APA style guidelines have been maintained. Once the manuscript has been cleared for APA Review, the cleared dissertation and clearance letter outlining the steps for final document submission will be emailed to the student.


One member could be an individual from the community who can provide special expertise in content or methods. The primary consideration in selecting a chair should be focused on the working relationship diszertation the student and the faculty. Auth with social network: All education students submitting expedited or full review applications must first submit their research proposals to the Education Division Methods Review Committee for approval before submitting the proposal for GPS IRB review.

Research Report and Table of Contents. APA clearance will be given once all requested changes have been implemented.

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If your data collection involves humans, including but not limited to, interviews, surveys, test scores, observations, and archival data involving individuals, your research is subject to IRB review. The actual chapter titles will vary depending upon the context of their work.

Title page, Abstract if requiredBody, References. If any format changes are necessary after an initial review, the Dissertation Office will return the edited PDF to the student to make revisions and resubmit an updated version. Newsroom Events Locations Community.

gsep dissertation support

Although Chairpersons may conduct the Final Oral Defenses differently, these orals essentially consist of three components. The doctoral dissertation is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their ability to bridge theory and practice through research or evaluation.