Finished goods inventory Question No: Cash dividends of Rs. Cost of opening finished goods Rs. It sells two products Tetra and Mint. Prepare a direct material purchases budget and direct material cost budget for the first three months of the year.

How much will the direct materials budget show as the cost of materials to be purchased? Break-even sales are Rs , Material is added at the beginning of the process and conversion costs are added evenly throughout the process. The Cola is bottled in 2-litter plastic bottles. The ending inventory of sand this year is expected to be , pounds, and the desired ending inventory next year is , pounds. How much units would be sold at break Even point?

Which one of the following is NOT one of those assumptions?

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During the month the company completed 92, gallons and transferred them to the mixing department. The company expects to sellbottles next year. Use this website to get benefit and give benefit.

What sales level in units will provide a profit of Rs. The numbers of finall units as to material, using FIFO method would be: It is also papfr that this same item may relate to just one specific department. Product “B” has a contribution of Rs.

Materials 5, Kgs at 0. The firm receives other income of Rs. Download mgt final term 6. Budgeted production and production costs for the year will be as follows: With the help of given information, what was the total cost of the units completed and transferred out during the month.


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For example, notional rent – these costs are only a book exercise and do not represent a realcash flow. Two units of material are required for each unit produced. Download mgt tdrm term 8. How many equivalent units are produced? Download mgt final term 2. Required Produce a revised costing schedule for the special project based on relevant costing principles. Cost of goods available for sales Rs. The costs associated with this would amount to Rs.

Each unit of Kisty takes two units of component L. Which of the following is the cost of goods to be produced? Please Click below mgt past papers to download:.

final term paper mgt402

Each table requires 10 bd. The company projects a cost of goods manufactured for the next period to be Rs.

Total record found are ” + hashes[2] + “. Please see bleow.

We have huge range of mgt virtual university past papers available to download. BDH wants an ending inventory of 3, units.

A line sloping downward to the right would represent this situation. Cash dividends of Rs. Orders arrive four days from the time they are placed.

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Download mgt final term Break-even sales are RsHome Books About us Contact Us. What would be the decision?

Chapter 12 – Answer. A cash purchase of equipment costing Rs.