Today, Fachhochschulen also conduct research. Yasmine Herzog and Mr. This page was last edited on 5 May , at Any resulting admission then applies exclusively to programmes instructed in English. Archived from the original on

Porter, Federal Republic of Germany: In this event, calculation of the grade for the entrance examination is based on tests 2 to 5. Accountancy Exceptions 6 7 8 Written test Oral test 90 min. In order to achieve a competitive advantage, a needs-oriented employee acquisition is essential for the recruitment of specialists and managers. So please help us by uploading 1 new document or like us to download:. Universities of Applied Sciences are primarily designed with a focus on teaching professional skills. Two students of the FHNW Basel will be intensively engaged with these questions in the context of their bachelor thesis with the aim of providing support for the successful recruitment of specialists and executives from the Generation Z.

Their practical orientation makes them very attractive bacheoor employers. Universities of Applied Sciences. Views Read Edit View history. The subjects, types and duration of the tests that constitute the admission examination are as follows: You can help by adding to it.

In order to achieve a competitive advantage, a needs-oriented employee acquisition is essential for the recruitment of specialists and managers. Today, Fachhochschulen also conduct research. Retrieved from ” https: However, they may run doctoral programs if the degree itself is awarded by a partner institution.

Holders of a business-oriented professional baccalaureate completing a commercially oriented work placement as part of their baccalaureate studies are entitled to have this bafhelor, completed after graduating from bacbelor Swiss Fachmittelschule, count towards the requisite professional experience. Such evidence must be submitted without solicitation within one month of the commencement of studies. In this case, any ensuing transfer to a different programme is conditional upon passing the relevant assessment stage in the English-language programme.


Which recruitment methods do attract Generation Z candidates? How do companies reach Generation Z candidates? Not to be mismatched with University of Lucerne unilu. Erste Fachhochschule darf Doktortitel verleihen” in German.

Continuing education Further education Professional school Vocational school. All compulsory and elective compulsory modules have been passed or recognised, if judged to be of equal valuefhnq earning the student a total of ECTS credits, and b. The deadlines relating to the assignment and submission of the thesis. If not passed the first time, the entrance exam can be re-taken once.

fhnw bachelor thesis

The module lists for the bachelor’s degree programmes may be found in the annex to these Programme Regulations. Schools imposed on indigenous peoples. The Fachhochschule or University of Applied Sciences and Arts is a type of German institution of higher education that emerged from the traditional Tehsis Schools and similar professional schools of other disciplines.

Regulations governing the bachelor`s degree programmes

The traditional degree awarded at a Fachhochschule was the Diplom FH. How and through which channels would Generation Z candidates like to be addressed? In line with the learning agreement, at least one semester must have been spent abroad unless special fnnw was obtained from the Head of Programme, e. Universities of applied science”.

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The Fachhochschule represents a close relationship between higher education and the employment system. In an effort to make educational theeis more compatible within Europe, the German Diplom degrees were mostly phased out by and replaced by the European bachelor’s and master’s degree.

This section needs expansion. Generation Z — The new challenge in recruiting talents and executives. This Generation Z is the first one to grow up completely with digitalization.


fhnw bachelor thesis

This page was last bachelir on 5 Mayat Studies undertaken on a part-time basis parallel to professional activity or responsibilities as a carer are predicated on such activity being in the order of at least 50 percent. German — Communication 2. College preparatory Compulsory education Democratic education Gifted education Remedial education Vocational education. It is for the Head of Programme to decide the relevance.