Downloads per month over past year. Due to the automatic adaptation of the model order to the complexity of the shown behavior, the proposed approach is able to pick up stochastic expert policies of arbitrary structure. Second, a nonparametric inverse reinforcement learning framework based on subgoal modeling is proposed, which allows to efficiently reconstruct the expert behavior at the intentional level. Print Impressum Privacy Policy. You register in TUprints, upload your file and fill in the metadata.

In contrast, microelectrodes with unordered carbon nanotubes and gold submicronwires are mechanically more stable and no significant changes in the impedance can be observed even after 24 hours in an ultrasonic bath. Gold submicronwire electrodes have a height-dependent, reduced impedance over the entire investigated frequency range. However PEDOT dissolves partially after 24 hours under ultrasonic treatment and the impedance is increased. Lie group analysis, direct numerical simulation and wavelet analysis of a turbulent channel flow rotating about the streamwise direction. Alternative Abstract Language Die vorliegende Dissertation befasst sich mit dem autonomen Erlernen von Verhaltensmodellen zur Beschreibung sequentieller Entscheidungsprozesse. Dazu wird ein Rahmenwerk zur Transformation attributierter Graphen beschrieben.

Gold submicronwire electrodes have a height-dependent, reduced impedance over the entire investigated frequency range. Hence, it can be expected that a proper knowledge of the physical processes at the contact line might be crucial for the understanding of the entire process.

Methods for higher order numerical simulations of cissertation inviscid fluids with immersed boundaries.

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In contrast to existing approaches, the proposed framework reflects more closely the attribute handling of current state of the art graph transformation implementations. This thesis attempts to close this gap. Increased visibility of your research findings Long-term archiving Free of charge, quick and uncomplicated Permanent quotable URNs Integration of and cooperation with other network services Numerous features as for instance author-ID and Creative Commons licenses.


Secure Computations on Non-Integer Values. Sensors tests showed the superior performance of indium oxide nanotubes to that of the unformed spherical particles, synthesised from the same parent material.

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Since then, this area of research has witnessed many new theoretical results and technological advances, ukb made it possible to realize a large scale of applications using techniques from SMC. Im Zuge dessen wird ein heterogenes Lernschema vorgestellt, welches das kollektive Systemverhalten auf Basis lokaler Zustandsbeobachtungen optimiert.

Moreover, the model is utilized to quantify the impact of the governing influence parameters.

dissertation ulb darmstadt

Dynamical modelling and numerical simulation of grain-fluid mixture flows. Print Impressum Privacy Policy.

Finally, we demonstrate the practical importance of the presented techniques. Finally, a prototypical implementation is provided to show that the theoretical concepts can be realized. However, one class of applications has barely been touched in the past 25 years: This includes on the one hand a representation scheme which allows to encrypt values stored in this representation. Upload document and enter metadata 3. Microelectrodes with integrated vertically aligned carbon nanotubes show a significantly reduced impedance over the entire investigated frequency range of 1 Hz — kHz.

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Secure Computations on Non-Integer Values

Where do I hand in my work? Impedance characteristics of the various microelectrodes are simulated and evaluated in MATLAB applying an electrical equivalent circuit of the interface between an electrode and an electrolyte. Which supplements and annexes are permitted? For this system class, the problem of inverse reinforcement learning is discussed and a meta learning algorithm is devised that makes explicit djssertation of the system symmetries.


Graph transformation with its formal foundations and its broad range of theoretical results, on the one hand, and competitive tool support, on the other hand, constitutes an effective framework for model-driven software development. Where do I hand in the habilitation? Downloads Downloads per month over past year. Dazu wird ein Rahmenwerk zur Transformation attributierter Graphen beschrieben.

ShakerAachen [Dissertation].

dissertation ulb darmstadt

On the other hand, our computational framework consists of secure protocols that allow to perform all arithmetic operations on encrypted values encoded in this representation scheme. Special attention is payed to the modeling of the evaporative heat transfer in the vicinity of the moving 3-phase contact line. The conductive and biocompatible polymer poly-3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene PEDOT is deposited by electropolymerization selectively on the gold structures.

Level set methods for high-order unfitted discontinuous Galerkin schemes. Downloads per month over past year. The major results of the present work are the template-assisted porous alumina or polycarbonate manufacturing of nanowires, nanorods or nanotubes with tailored dimensions, composition, and physical-chemical properties, as well as optimisation of routine producing of alumina templates with the nanochannels open through from both ends.

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Gold electrodes with integrated disordered carbon nanotubes show a significantly reduced impedance over the entire investigated frequency range.