They are very worried beacause the virus could prevent them from doing their job. Varieties of the Forastero group are widely cropped due to their high yields and resistance to diseases. In this sense farmers are seeking for new lands that offer an escape from known diseases, and in this respect we may highlight the importance of studying the behavior of the crop under semi-arid conditions as mentioned earlier. At anthesis the auxin concentration is low and the retention of flowers, as well as fertilization and possibly pod development, depend on an external source or signal for satisfactory pollination or pollen growth, as found by Hasenstein and Zavada Productivity indices, organic material models and sustainability over ten years.

Furthermore, it is probable that the physiology of trees under heavy shade would be modified, because shaded trees can be more efficient in photosynthesis and leaf dynamics, as for example, the increase in leaf lifespan Miyaji et al. For Sale rainfall or irrigation, after a dry period, is a necessary condition to elicit flushing. Development of chlorophyll and photosynthetic activity. Also, there are inter- and intra-specific variations for the orthotropic growth pattern Batista and Alvim, ; Garcia and Nicolella, Development of chloroplast ultrastructure and carotenoids.

Leite, ; unpublished results.

Cacao market

Therefore, the efforts in Bahia to produce fine cacao is in reality a world tendency for other locations with similar environments, thus, constituting a caczo opportunity for expansion in this market. Even completely expanded they do not turn dark green, because they synthesize chl very slowly during expansion.


dissertation le cacao en cote divoire

Most cacao varieties belong divoirf three groups: Okali and Dissertatoon and Merkel et al. Although there is no recognizable abscission area in the flower pedicel at anthesis, within 24 h starch grains appear in the pedicel cortex, in the neighborhood of the incipient abscission area, and cell separation begins in the epidermis at mm from the point of pedicel attachment to the tree trunk Aneja et al. In its natural habitat wild cacao grows under shade trees, but with a low pod production Murray and Nichols, since the shade trees compete with cacao for water, nutrients and light Bonaparte, You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Furthermore, leaf emission occurs in a rhythmic way relatively independent of climate, which indicates that the growth rhythm is under endogenous control Vogel, This may an important acclimation strategy against drought Balasimha, Consequently, the resistance to water movement was low and CO 2 assimilation rates were higher.

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Le cacao en Côte d’Ivoire : étude de géographie régionale – Persée

On the other hand, cacao is a shade tolerant species Guers,in which appropriate shading could lead to adequate photosynthetic rates, growth and seed yield. Cerato-pogonidaepollination would be impaired since the viscous pollen does not come into contact with the stigma spontaneously Dias et al.

Daymond AJ An investigation into physiological parameters underlying yield variation between different varieties of cocoa Theobroma cacao L. This model of disssertation development is uncommon compared to what happens during leaf development in a typical plant of temperate climate, in which chl concentration per unit area usually reaches a maximum before the leaf is totally expanded Baker and Hardwick, The initial phase of quiescence was described by Vogel as a reversible phase that occurs during F-2 Abo-Hamed et al.


Annual Report of the Cocoa Research Unit.

Cocoa and Development in Cote D’Ivoire

The genus Theobroma represents an atypical example of an ovarian auto-incompatibility system, quite different from most vegetal incompatibility systems in nature de Nettancourt, Alternatively, the application of growth promoters GA 3 or zeatin reduces the duration of the subsequent quiescence stage of idssertation apex.

Pod production is small during the first years and increases every year as the tree gets older. He also showed that there is an inverse relationship between cotf transpiration and K doses. Wood GAR Environment.

dissertation le cacao en cote divoire

This is particularly important considering that the cacao planting frontiers are being expanded towards marginal lands in tropical and subtropical areas. These hormonal responses occur before the interaction pollinic tube-ovule suggesting the existence of an incompatibility system influenced by auxin Hasenstein and Zavada, Alvim PT Cacao.

Changes in growth inhibitors. Heavy shade not only reduces seed yield Zuidema et al.

dissertation le cacao en cote divoire

Raja Harun RM, Hardwick K b The effect of different temperatures and water vapour pressure deficits on photosynthesis and transpiration of cocoa leaves. You are commenting using your WordPress. Changes in auxins and cytokinins. A cultural History of Cacao, pp. This group is comprised of varieties that produce fruits pods with thick, white or pinkish seeds that yield more flavored seeds and fine chocolates Marita et disseryation.

This site uses cookies. In a shade and manurial experiment in Ghana strong reductions in yield were observed due to shading Ahenkorah et al. Most of the parties around the globe are worried about the situation of the cocoa market, The virus killed around thousands people over the boarder and that makes people worry about it.


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