In particular, you should be aware that copying or sharing solutions, in whole or in part, from other students in the class or any other source without acknowledgment constitutes cheating. If you have been issued a letter of accommodation from the Disabled Students Program DSP , please contact Professor Sahai as soon as possible to work out the necessary arrangements. The discussion sections will not cover new material, but rather will give you additional practice solving problems. As with office hours, the better prepared you are for the discussion, the more you are likely to get out of it. Even though this class does not have any major projects, you should plan to spend as much time on it as your other technical classes. Since it will help solidify your basic knowledge of the material, you should find that it reduces confusion and hopefully time spent on the homework itself. Sophomore mathematical maturity a solid understanding of the material in Math 1A, 1B , and programming experience equivalent to that gained in CS10 or the Advanced Placement Computer Science A course e.

The Woz is a relatively big space and if the weather is nice, we can also access the patio outside. Polynomial Lecture 14 full 6up: Not only is this good scholarly conduct, it also protects you from accusations of being a jerk or free-rider regarding your colleagues’ ideas. This will also help you avoid self-favoritism. Professor Jean Walrand walrand berkeley dot edu Office Hours: EECS70 will introduce you to these and other mathematical concepts.

Homeworks All homeworks are graded for accuracy and it is highly-recommended that you do them.


cs70 homework party

This is an experiment. Similarly, do not attend a midterm if you have a fever.

cs70 homework party

Please enroll in a discussion section partu Telebears, if you have not already. Explaining the meaning of a question, discussing a way of approaching a solution, or collaboratively exploring how to solve a problem within your group is an interaction that we strongly encourage.

cs70 homework party

Don’t wait until the last minute to start homeworks! Otherwise, a correct answer with no work will receive full points. In a conceptual class such as this, it is particularly important to maintain a steady effort throughout yomework semester, rather than hope to cram just before homework deadlines or exams.

A skeleton of the exam has been released at http: Countability, Computability solution Discussion 07b: Discrete mathematics and probability theory provide the foundation for many algorithms, concepts, and techniques in the field homewkrk Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. Fermat’s Little Theorem solution Discussion 06a: Bayes Rule, Independence Lecture 24 full 6up: When the room is not crowded, people from the class are welcome to just hang out as long as they aren’t bothering other people.

Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory

But if the room is crowded, excercise good judgement and make room for others by leaving if you can find an alternative source of assistance. By the end homeworm the semester, you should have a firm grasp of the theoretical basis of these concepts and their applications to general mathematical problems.

We always welcome any feedback on what we could be doing better. Make sure you allocate a sufficient number of hours every week to the class, including enough time for reading and understanding the material as well as for doing assignments.


Think through possible approaches while you are waiting homeworo line, or stuck in an elevator, or whatever. Some groups try to split up the problems “you do Problem 1, I’ll do Problem 2, then we’ll swap notes” ; not only is this a punishable violation of our collaboration policies, it also ensures you will learn a lot less from this course.

NO late homeworks will be accepted.

EECS Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory, Fall

If you would like to send anonymous comments or criticisms, please feel free to use an anonymous remailer like this one to avoid revealing your identity.

Although the numerical weight of the homeworks is not huge, there is usually a strong correlation between homework scores and final grades in the class. See Syllabus for more information. Homeworks will be submitted electronically, as pdfs. This includes being ready to start the final at 8am sharp. Hlmework by hand, you will need to scan your work.

EECS Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory, Spring

Infinity and Uncountability Note There will also be simulation and plotting exercises for you to do. And recall the caveat above that you must write up your solutions on your own. NO late homeworks will be accepted. The units are as follows:. In particular, uomework should be aware that copying or sharing solutions, in whole or in part, from other students in the class or any other source without acknowledgment constitutes cheating.

As a rough guide, you should expect to do at least one hour of reading and two hours of problem solving for each hour of lecture. Email the head GSI Katie — katie.