At the same time, the expenses incurred on both these marketing methods were recorded and compared. In one case, the thesis full-text was indexed, but it was hosted on a university website. During this study the author found that most learners had little or no training on Internet usage; often worked on the Internet; could not specify their search properly; used very few of the operators offered by search engines; and had a low success rate in finding relevant data. The visibility of a Web page plays a role in attracting potential clients, as more and more young users are depending on the Web for their everyday information needs. Many search engine marketing campaigns channel most of the budget towards pay-per-click PPC schemes, with a small fraction going towards search engine optimisation SEO. To learn from a case study analysis the researcher will be “analysing, applying knowledge, reasoning and drawing conclusions”.

Although the literature review identifies the contradictions, experts disagree about their existence. The results show that, in general, the role players are not in agreement about the different channels or their characteristics. However, it was also stated repeatedly that searching on the Internet using standard search engines is not an easy task. It was found that a number of unethical methods exist to increase ranking, including spamming, cloaking, doorway pages and link farms. There appears to be a link between an Internet user, search engines, metadata and Web sites.

The higher a website ranks in the results of a search, the greater the chance that that website will be visited by a user. The study also identified different characteristics that should be considered when decisions are made about support for the channels. Students skipped classes in favour of more important academic tasks. For the thesiss of the project, the traditional definition of digital content distribution is widened to include search engine results.


The strength of the proposed design is the ability to use the keyword technique, concentrate on the meaning of words and the sense they make in the webpage document. Both faculties opted for formt stand-alone programme to be delivered by librarians during the lecturers’ class time. In terms of the use of standard HTML metatags: In conclusion, a dual approach is proposed. The way in which the website has been designed plays an important role.

Cpuut results indicate that the pay-per-click system did produce favourable results, but on the condition that a monthly fee has to be set aside to guarantee consistent traffic. The primary conclusion reached is that navigation architecture used on a website does impact its visibility to a search engine crawler. Website usability focuses on what happens after users arrive ccput a website.

No evidence could be found that this kind of empirical research has been done before, hence the results are considered to be unique and contributing in a major way to the body of knowledge. The students increasingly used the library and approached librarians for information and assistance.

However, results from the online inspection showed that the majority of the global top shopping websites have only SEO implemented. The results indicated, amongst other things, that clear differences exist in preference, based on attributes such as gender, age, race and Internet skills. Munn and Small cite several studies indicating a low student uptake of non-credit bearing IL courses.

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Literature surveys indicated that the sheer size of Many authors stated that there is strong commercial motivation for ensuring that web pages appear high up in search engine results. This implies that results are retrieved based on the matching of these keywords, ignoring the meaning and the sense they make towards documents to be retrieved. The application of website usability principles attempts to achieve this. Secondly, the awareness of these role players was determined in terms of the identified characteristics.


However, no evidence could be found of empirical work, which has included search engine spam and its effects on Web site visibility. Another aspect that has made the Internet popular amongst users, is its growing popularity as a global resource connecting millions of users surfing the Web daily, searching for and formag information. IL programmes are delivered either as stand-alone programmes or they are integrated or embedded into the curriculum. This htesis aimed to build their depth of IL knowledge.

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Record was kept of each process, to allow comparisons and evaluation afterwards. This seemed to confirm some of the findings by other authors.

In this study, the relationship between website owners having invested in SEO and PPC respectively is investigated and reported.

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However, no evidence could be found of a ranking system which combines the rigour of forat research with the reliability of industry expertise. An empirical study on the effect demographic features and the choice of keywords have on searching success for Ananzi users. Therefore, a high listing has become important in attracting visitors to a website.

cput thesis format

International Journal of Library and Information Science7 5: Article two’s results indicate that the PPC system did produce favourable results, but on the condition that a monthly fee must be set aside to guarantee consistent traffic. We confirm that on-page search engine optimisation elements have a direct impact on how commercial search engines interpret Web pages ofrmat terms of ranking.

However, the figures of acceptability obtained were still below the generally accepted norms for usability. Reflecting Education, 4 1: