The course milestones are summarized in Figure 1 below: Our design consists of a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame applied to a greenhouse spanning 10 acres. The optimal reactor will be designed in order to destroy contaminants at a low concentration while reducing energy, maintenance, and operational costs. AVJ Consulting has undertaken the structural rehabilitation, green space design, infrastructure servicing and roadway design of the park. However, because of the transition system view of TCMC, the counterexample generated is also a transition system, instead of the specific path of states leading to the property violation. An app for connecting peer mentors:

Once they find the courses, it should be easy for them to sign up for the course. This portion is focused on criticism and theory, as well as the application of this theory to the contribution you are making to the production. Most recently, an ECE group founded a company named Athos based on their capstone project design. Students often face difficulties obtaining feedback for their resumes. This tool will help the dairy cooperative reduce fraud and improve farm incomes by ensuring that they have accurate and timely records.

These containers can contain a list of other container classes or requirement classes.

However, the long-term vision is to create a natural-feeling assistive system that is able to help all users in a kitchen setting. You should normally have all other required courses completed. Through this method, costs traditionally associated with working at heights and corrosion will be reduced.

The system will assist the team by allowing for rapid prototyping and empirical testing for crucial performance aspects such as motor and tire design, heat and power management, and stability and traction control. This introduce significant delay in getting any information about the company or the courses that it offers. Therefore, optimizing designs for future solar fields is imperative in the efforts to convert to renewable energy.


Capstone Design at Canada’s Most Innovative University

At the end of the project, students have the option to sell a portion of the rights back to the industry sponsor, to choose to work for the industry sponsor, or to retain the intellectual property. The entire database would be loaded whenever any action was taken, whether it be a point query or zooming into the map.

Baymax is a reminder system designed to help older adults living at home to better manage their medication regimen. First-time vehicle buyers may not know which vehicles are best suited to their driving style and needs due to the vast selection of offerings available on the market. We will make a system that can generate tournament brackets in various formats. Current SLAM solutions make extensive use of image processing techniques to find key points in images, a process known as feature extraction.

Majority of the project is written in Dart 2. Kibera is overpopulated, have no nearby access to water, and have no sewage or waste management system.

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Nevertheless, most of the resumes are reviewed by real people and bigger companies even have specific roles to screen resumes. These are the best source of information on all the different types of things that students can do, and the wide range may surprise you.

The Town of Oakville has plans for the extension of the Sixteen Mile Sports Complex in response to the growing population in northern Oakville. Protocol Builder users can push protocols to an MDS instance, where they can be organized into protocol groups that are periodically pulled by Sana Mobile. With a proposed site location in the Northdale neighbourhood of Waterloo, the six-storey building was designed according to specific building requirements and guidelines as set out by the city.


This will be achieved by altering the process at the Galt Wastewater Treatment Plant in Cambridge, Ontario to include a specialized disc filtration system.

TYNY has been chosen to prepare the structural design of the Tongren City Five-Storey Building using the composition of structural steel for the first commercial floor and cold-formed steel for the upper four residential floors.

Model checking is a method for verifying if a system satifies a set of properties. The system also will automatically flag cases where two players update the same score with a different result, which should prevent any abuse cases from happening.

It is projected that in order to feed a world population of 9. The system involves integration with current pharmacy technologies, allowing older adults to seamlessly import medication information directly from their prescriptions.

Another advantage will be the reduction of repetitive tasks performed by the engineers at Aviya allowing them to spend more time focusing on other tasks. Model checking typically accomplishes this by viewing the input model and properties as logical formulations, and checking them against each other.

While the self-driving car WATonomous has created for the AutoDrive challenge can detect lanes and perform actions on a small obstacle course, it still lacks mapping software to perform routing.

While it can produce great results, the challenge with grammar-based procedural modelling is efficiently sampling the model space to produce a broad range of interesting results while also excluding unfavourable results. The back-end of our application handles the matching algorithms that go into cpastone a custom tournament bracket.

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Capdtone with challenges like discontinuous permafrost and the ever-changing arctic climate, NSE presents resilient pavement and structural solutions that will provide year-round access to nearby mines and reconnect isolated communities.


Our project is a domain-specific language designed for algorithmic trading with performance, ease of use, and security in mind.

capstone project uwaterloo

As another example, our resume scoring system can be integrated into a resume critique application to give valuable suggestions on how to target your resume towards certain categories of job positions. The course sequence begins with BET Students often face difficulties obtaining feedback for their resumes. The new stands are to be cantilevered over the existing stands.