Share This Page Tweet. You need to find the control box pictures above then kill the power to it. You must log in or sign up to reply here. It sounds like the seals have gone in your shower. Rpa07 , May 8, The control unit may have to be reset if none of the lights are on and no water is coming from the shower head. The shower came on as usual, but wouldn’t get hot a tiny bit warm then it just cut off.

Do you already have an account? Nigel Jones, Hmmmm that seems odd. Coming off a night shift and needing a shower, I was up in the loft at 12am but it worked! However it should be wired to a nearby switch. Might be worth checking the water pressure before you speak to the company as they will probably be asking for it , water pressure at the shower that is This is simply a case of locating the control unit usually in the loft or the airing cupboard and switching the power off for 30 seconds, then back on again.

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I had been on holiday so it hadn’t pgoblem used for a week, when I press the start button nothing happens at all, no light or water flow. Posting a message to the forum will remove the above advertisement. What was the result Jaydub? Solfing again, t ants. The only sign of life at all is when pressing the test button on the breaker the boost light on the shower comes on, but only for a second then as soon as I take my finger off the test button on the breaker it goes out again.


Aqualisa can’t come out for another week, so I’m hoping someone here can help me fix it myself! Share This Page Tweet. Users found this page by searching for: And remember to always leave the head high when finished prevents aaqualisa and air entry.

Aqualisa Quartz Digital shower not working at all

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aqualisa quartz problem solving

When I press the on button the light comes on for a split second and sometimes the odd drop of water comes out of the head. Discon power for 20 secs then re-energise, usually sorts out most gremlins that aint permanent.

Aqualisa Quartz digital shower problem

When it’s swtiched on, sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn’t. I was just hoping that someone would miraculously pipe up with ‘hey I know exactly what that is, i fixed the same problem last week’ Haha.

The main symptom of an air lock is that when you turn the shower on no water comes out of the shower head.

A new part, adjust some settings perhaps? Yeah i think you could be right about the serviceable parts. LeesparkykentMay 9, You probpem repeat this several times and sometimes it kicks in and other times you need to leave it for a day.

I’m not even sure this should be on here and not on the electrical forum instead? I’d wait until tomorrow morning, and speak to Aqualisa.

They won’t probleem the warranty as I don’t have the receipt it wasn’t bought by me and couldn’t suggest anything that might solve the problem. Once water is running constantly from the hose slowly turn the temperature up a little at a time. Yes, my password is: Hi, I’ve got an Aqualisa quartz digital shower which was fine for four years until a couple of days ago. I’ve done that but they weren’t any help. If not, solvinng the shower off, wait a few seconds and try again.


This will reduce the pressure required to get water back through the system to the absolute minimum. A quick wigle round, up in the loft to ‘reboot’ for a few minutes and hey presto!

So far I cannot pinpoint the exact model but I believe it to be an ‘axis’. RP66 4 May I could not find a separate switch to the control unit, and thought I would try without the power off.

aqualisa quartz problem solving

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