That says something about what these folks are taught – to be deceptive. This group has many members and they have very good professional appearance. May 23, at I sat in the back of the meeting room. Are Amway products worth the price? He started asking me what I do for a living and I told him I was a college student.

I was shopping for a used car and the used car salesman mentioned he had an Amway business. Do you really think an NBA team can be owned be an illegal pyramid scam? In my view, it is a bad business model where the IBO will bleed financially and his family life is ruined, often beyond redemption, unless he quits soon enough. The person at the bottom has to recruit others to make money. No I am not at that level yet and that’s because I don’t push it, however I do make between at times per month. I went to a starbucks and he pitched it to me and gave me some free samples of what Amway sells and at that meeting is finally where I learned what the company name was. This guy knows my first and last name as well as where i work and my phone number.

How many hundreds of IBO’s have come here talking about Amway and success and eventually fading away into nowhere.

amway bww business plan

October 19, at Does that make the school a bad school?. Reminder bsuiness BWW, if businesz to do biz. Just inColombia last year 32 new millionars, new youth generation with vision and dicipline,that dont want to spend life working for others people dream. Ask your upline or people who gave you the promises to make millions to Give the promises in writing that too in a notarized document. FTC’s ruling was that pyramid scheme is the one where just recruiting and money flow happens and not the movement of products and goods.


Why Amway/Quixtar/BWW is a Scam?

What makes Amway successful? Does that mean they are wrong? It’s good that BWW gives to charity. Tks a lot for your blog. I have a team of 5 and I make around per month on average.

Sales and Marketing Plan

So when I see an opportunity like this come along I’m smart enough and have enough run on sentence life experience that I’m going to check it out without a biased opinion and give it a try. Plab will u ask advise if you want to be a successful dr?

amway bww business plan

If you go in they will tell you how to earn money just by sitting at home and bla bla bullshit. You are anonymous loser incorporated or whatever else you call your scamway business. The guy giving the presentation wanted to nothing to do with me.

And the BBB rating has nothing to do with Amway as a business opportunity. Your article really helped me to convince my decision. What if your child went to the meeting liked what she saw, and made it big in this business where by she takes the family on the free trips amway pays for all their diamond IBOs.

I did face a similar situation.

You know the sayings, if its too good to be true, it probably is. Anyone can drop by and say stuff. I was walking down the isle when a middle eastern man stopped me and asked if we have me before and how I look familiar.

amway bww business plan

He asked me “What was the first thing amwaj thought when you got the message? I see no where anyone mentioning how hard they worked and the sweat they put into it before they failed; I see people who paid for books and went to 1 meeting every week and expected businness life changing outcome. I was keep on pressing them to tell the company name. You understand the core values of any business by connecting with people who can give you accurate information.


Varun Parameswaran He attended a private school in Irving, Texas, North Hills Rep to be exact it was ranked as 8th best in Texas – news report here http: The money comes from the profit for selling the products and the bonus when you make the targeted points.

I have the privilege to discover and partner with Amway corp and I am thankful because at this time, my business is generating more income than my job as a Lending Manager in a big bank. February 7, at 8: You failed in the business because lack of Information from your Upline or the businfss you’ve got. November 5, at They seemed to push that u don’t need education to be rich If you notice the prices are more expensive than similar products in any market