Satisfying these general requirements and standards, however, does not imply that all degree and program requirements have been met. Some programs require successful completion of a specified course in the final term of study to satisfy this requirement. Courses taken at UT Arlington and reserved for graduate credit may be applied to a master’s degree program only if a grade of A, B, C, or P was earned. Graduation in December The last date for certificate issue in December is Wednesday 19 December The thesis substitute degree plan requires a minimum of 33 semester hours, of which at least 27 must be in coursework and 3 in an appropriate project or research course.

Enrolled students who do not complete all requirements by the beginning of the next long semester must enroll to complete remaining degree requirements. Provisional admission does not guarantee subsequent admission on an unconditional basis. Each term, after consulting with their graduate advisor, students must register for the amount of thesis credit commensurate with the efforts to be expended by the student and the thesis advisor in the preparation of the thesis. Toggle Navigation Toggle Navigation. The application and following required credentials should be submitted preferably 90 days prior to the date of expected enrollment: Academic Counselling and Guidance at the University. Academic degree programs may have alternative methods by which enrolled students achieve residency goals.

Go International at Your Home University. During the student’s first year of doctoral program work the student must demonstrate potential to successfully complete a degree program.

Students receiving advice and assistance from a faculty member in the preparation of a thesis must register for the appropriate course even if they are not on campus.


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A student who fails to receive credit earns a grade of D or F may repeat the course in order to obtain credit, in which case the grades for both attempts will count in computing the student’s overall grade-point average. An undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Arlington may not use graduate courses numbered and above to fulfill undergraduate degree requirements except as part of an approved fast track program.

Students who qualify for facilitated admission will be admitted directly to graduate school without completing the application for admission, submitting an application evaluation charge or taking the GRE or GMAT. The Library specifically checks the document for conformity to UT Arlington formatting requirements.

Graduate Overview Master’s Doctoral Certificate.

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They will not have to submit the formal application for admission to Graduate Admissions, pay an application evaluation fee, or take the GRE. One qualified external person who is not a member of the graduate faculty may serve as a voting member of a supervising committee if nominated by the appropriate Committee on Graduate Studies and approved by the Graduate Studies Office.

Required Official Transcripts, Marksheets, and Diplomas Application processing for admission to a graduate program requires receipt of official U.

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Three degree plans thesis, thesis substitute and non-thesis leading to the master’s degree are available. Texas residents may seek to enter undergraduate programs at U. The student must have at least a 3. We hope to see you at the celebration! Any external, non-voting members must be in addition to the required number of voting members.


Thus applicants should read the notice and keep it for future reference. All requirements for the doctoral degree must be completed within four years after the student unconditionally passes the comprehensive exam.

All undergraduate students should consult with the appropriate graduate advisor before attempting to register for graduate courses. Acceptable transcripts, marksheets and diplomas from U. Funded Students Funded students are normally expected to be enrolled as full time students while holding an assistantship or associateship.

uta dissertation deadline

These students may enroll in and use courses for credit toward the degree program in which they are in good standing only. Specific language requirements, if any, are given in the individual departmental and program degree descriptions. Under some circumstances see https: In certain departments and programs, a student may follow a thesis substitute or non-thesis degree plan upon recommendation of the appropriate graduate advisor.

Please provide all relevant information, so we can idssertation assist you with your question.

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Applicants who have not received an admission notification one week prior to the beginning of classes for the semester for which admission is sought should contact the Graduate Admissions Office for information concerning the status of their application.

Diseertation fast track programs may allow dual credit. Enrolled students who do not complete all requirements by the beginning of the next long semester must enroll to complete remaining degree requirements. A student will not be permitted to enroll with a provisional status for more than one semester. The thesis submitted for mechanical check should be complete and as near to being in final format as possible. An application evaluation charge will be required for each reprocessing request.


Complete and satisfactory credentials must be received by the Graduate Admissions Dissertatoon before the end of the semester in deadlind the student has registered in a provisional status.

This rule does not apply to an applicant who was admitted but did not enroll because of deployment as a member of the armed forces of the United States serving on active duty in a combative operation outside the United States. The certificate application must be submitted through NettiOpsu deadllne later than 3 December Many departments and programs issue program manuals, procedures and policy manuals, graduate student handbooks, and ut informational publications for students and faculty in graduate programs.

Many of these conditions must be satisfied before the end of the first semester of enrollment.