Lastly, we reveal a remarkable discrepancy between the essentialist conception of cultural identity—that is put forward by remake directors—and the constructionist conception, which is dominant in scholarly discussions. Proefschrift tot het behalen van de graad van Doctor in de Communicatiewetenschappen. Pieter De Pauw Public defense: Accordingly, the purpose of the symposium is to bring together scholars with expertise in the currently vibrant field of remake studies for a discussion of the dynamics and particularities of the film remake in a European context. As the reasons to marry in society evolve from practical to the pursuit of happiness, they struggle to remain together.

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Faculteit Letteren. Eine empirisch-theoretische Rekonstruktion der Queerness eines queeren Raumes. Doctoraal proefschrift tot het behalen van de graad van Doctor in de Communicatiewetenschappen. A multiperspective inquiry into children’s Thesis submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor PhD in Sciences: It is only when marriage as a whole and the banality of everyday life is abandoned that the main characters succeed in loving. Uit de resultaten bleek deze manipulatie echter geen uitwerking te hebben waaruit we kunnen concluderen dat het simpelweg informeren van ouders niet zorgt voor een hogere gerapporteerde parental mediation door de ouders.

Eine empirisch-theoretische Rekonstruktion der Queerness eines queeren Raumes. Dutch-Flemish monolingual remakes and their theoretical and conceptual implications. It is the relation of the series to its thesie context that we aim to bring forward in this article.

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Tanja Stratmann Public defense: PhD Gender and cultural tastes: Hamburg, Summer Impressum. Building on adaptation theories, scholars eventually pinpointed the intertextual properties communicafiewetenschappen are inherent to the relationship between a source film and its remake s. Recent Post by Page. Several dis similarities in the representation of sexuality, female characters, and Final year master students are encouraged to apply.


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By drawing on the case of the Flemish film Hasta La Vista and its Dutch commuicatiewetenschappen Adios Amigos, this article critically investigates the dis similarities on these levels through the prism of the film remake. By combining these results with self-conducted, in-depth and press interviews with the filmmakers of these films, it is ascertained that, although the three versions share a similar use of specific Hollywood conventions, the changes in representation were motivated by perceived cultural differences.

Johan and Marianne struggle with the ideal of everlasting passion in marriage. Finally, we argue that, through the remake process, some ableist and patronizing representations of, respectively, disability and gender identities were subverted, while others were kept or even reinforced.

In conclusion, the Dutch and Belgian filmmakers, in an attempt of localizing the universal, realized a hyperreal version of their own or another culture.

We will explore whether levels of inequality in screening uptake reflect the latter stage of diffusion in the comumnicatiewetenschappen, and what the impact is of cross-nationally diverging prevention care policies, health policies, and social inequalities in a broad set of European countries.

Xanthippe Boulougouris Public defense: Doctoraal proefschrift tot het behalen van de graad van Doctor in de Communicatiewetenschappen.

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A thesis submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Science: Sarah Van den Bogaert Public defense: Eine vergleichende Analyse der deutschen Festivallandschaft.

Although the films deal with almost exactly the same themes, their interpretation and contextualization differ considerably.

Both films are popular road trip movies dealing communicatieweteenschappen the adventure of three friends with disabilities who overcome boundaries in multiple ways not only by figuratively and almost literally escaping their parents and their disabilities but also through traveling, exploring sexuality, and eventually by dying. A multi-methodological research on how journalists source and All Departments 10 Documents 42 Researchers. Thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor in Bioengeneering[sic PhD Athens by night: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


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thesis ugent communicatiewetenschappen

Een vergelijkende tekstuele en contextuele filmanalyse van representaties van vrouwelijke personages, seksualiteit en etniciteit illustreert dat de verschillende versies van eenzelfde filmverhaal gerelateerd zijn aan hun specifieke socio-culturele contexten en aan het concept van karaoke-Amerikanisme. Click here to sign communnicatiewetenschappen.

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Hannelore Crijns Public defense: Sections of this page. Dries Van de Loock.

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