You should make your modifications within the time allowed see below , and submit them to Research Student Admin. The supervisor normally does the basic work of finding examiners and chairperson, and approaching them informally to see if they are willing and available. Your thesis will not be accepted if your declared word length is greater than the limit. While you are making your modifications, keep in regular contact with your supervisor by sending a brief progress report each month. The maximum period of restriction the library will countenance is years from date of graduation; however such a lengthy restriction is not advised. If the author wishes to extend the restriction, the author should contact the Scholarly Communications Services team at: This should be a member of staff who is not your supervisor or co-supervisor.

Any requests for the electronic copy of the thesis will be passed on to the author who will have opportunity to give or withhold their consent for a full-text copy to be supplied to a named requester. The calculation of the word length excludes: An exception applies for research which has been jointly funded with a commercial sponsor It is important for authors of theses restricted under an Option C restriction to be contactable and to respond to emails sent out in relation to requests. You may find that if you give insufficient notice of a submission there will be a delay in sending your thesis for examination. Your chairperson should be a member of staff who has had some experience of PhD vivas and supervision.

The University’s regulations require you to study for a minimum period of time before submitting your thesis. Please refer to Regulation 7.

Submitting your Thesis (and Graduating)

If your thesis is a contender, and has the support of the examiners, then it should be entered through the School – contact the Research Students Tutor. While you are making your modifications, keep in regular contact with your supervisor by sending a brief progress report each month. Permission is only granted in exceptional circumstances and you are advised to discuss this with your supervisor at an early stage.



thesis submission bham

thezis For the chair, it is important that he or she should be someone whose fairness you trust. A PDF or other electronic copy will also be required and will normally bhxm made available via the University eTheses Repository. The University requires you to tell Student Services that you intend to submit a thesis. Take two copies of your thesis and your forms to the Print Me digital shop or use the online thesis binding page and they will bind your thesis for you for a slightly less modest charge – but it will look beautiful.

thesis submission bham

Fill in the form and send it in three months before you intend to hand in your thesis. In any case, the University Code of Practice says that you should be able to comment on the choice of examiners before the Research Students Tutor signs off the nominations form.

Submitting your Thesis (and Graduating)

Your supervisor should ask you to choose someone. Before the final thesis is submitted to the RSA team for examination you should contact the PGR administrator with your School for information on the process to be followed for submitting the final copy of your thesis through Turnitin. The stated maximum number of words excludes tables, diagrams including associated legendsappendices, references, footnotes and thesiis, the bibliography and any bound published material. Your chairperson should be a member of staff who has had some experience of PhD vivas and supervision.


Thesis guidance

Hence it is important to make sure you have satisfactorily covered all the required corrections before you submit them. Your thesis should be submitted both paper copies for examiners and the electronic copy for Turnitin check after you complete the minimum period of study and before the end of the maximum period of study for your qualification. Where an author is uncontactable the library reserves the right to seek permission from the head of the school or department where the thesis was completed.


You will need to apply for an extension if you go beyond the time allowed. You are allowed 6 months for making major modifications, and they have to be reviewed by both examiners.

There is no second chance for further major corrections. Your supervisor will sign to acknowledge your intended submission date and forward the form to the RSA team. A long-term Option C restriction will hinder the ability of researchers in the field to access the thesis, especially those based outside Birmingham and overseas. For a PhD this is three years full-time or its part-time equivalent. Encourages researchers in your field to read your work and cite it in their own thfsis Boosts your academic profile and the potential impact of your work Helps support the wider international scholarly agenda around providing open access to academic content For PGR students who have received an UKRI studentship it ensures subimssion with their terms and conditions around access to the final thesis Helps ensure the thesis is indexed by anti-plagiarism software programmes to prevent fraudulent re-use.

The Research Student Administration team will formally notify you by letter when your thesis has been sent out for examination of the names of your examiners and the chairperson for the viva.

Presenting your thesis

An electronic copy to your School for a Turnitin check. This in turn will likely result in fewer academic citations and a reduced academic impact. We will require this choice to be provided by the author at the time tbesis the thesis submission before graduation.

thesis submission bham

Under the terms of option B the electronic thesis is not freely available to download within a period of time reasonably set by the author, however the library is authorised to supply full-text electronic copies to individual requesters and organisations provided the work is to be utilised for non-commercial purposes.


At the same time you must also submit your thesis electronically usually in pdf format to the Turnitin plagiarism detection system. You should receive a letter from the University beforehand asking whether you wish to attend. Under the terms of option C the electronic thesis is not freely available to download within a period of time set by the author.

Such permission will be granted for sound academic reasons and notified to the Senate or delegated authority at the beginning of the Registered Student’s registration.

If you are handing in the signed form, you should do so at the Aston Webb Student Hub.