You must authenticate yourself in order to access Theseus. The management of information-processing thinking, metalearning and self-evaluation skills under the guidance of the teacher ibid. Here the appendix may also be defined as, e. While saving, permission for web publication is given; no written permission is needed. The child learns the same things as other children, and therefore has a good chance of coping in social situations. The Date on the description page refers to the submission date of the report i.

Skip to content Project Reporting Instructions. Text on the description page is single spaced. Because the abstract is short, the focus should be on the most interesting part, i. Please, read the instructions of your own school on the Elmo Student login required. Styles facilitate professional word processing skills Keinonen b, When the author is not named in the signal phrase, the reference to the source is indicated in parentheses and placed after the last sentence of the citation. Download the instructions pdf 2.

Detailed information on these sources is to be entered in the list of references see List of References, Books and other publications with no known author. Skip to content Project Reporting Instructions. Also theses implemented by students representing different fields of education are encouraged because they provide a possibility to produce multi-professional solutions.

Publishing – either electronic or hard copy After the archiving, the student has to publish the thesis.

thesis instructions jamk

Please, see more information on the publication at the bottom of this web page. If interviews constitute part of the research data—thematic discussions, for example—these are not included in the list of references.


On the other hand, Sipari emphasizes the importance of everyday life in the rehabilitation process of a child. It accounts for one kamk, or even half of the degree.

The maximum file size is 75 MB. Pohjola instrkctions that all points of view should be taken into consideration in work meetings. While saving, permission for web publication is given; no written permission is needed.

Archiving and Publishing

If the author of the source is known, thesiss is made in name-year format; otherwise, reference is made to the title of the work or page heading as well as the year. After graduation you cannot save your thesis to Theseus. The thesis report is written in accordance with JAMK’s project reporting instructions. Make a preliminary plan in your Personal Learning Plan regarding your thesis progress, including the completion yhesis the maturity test.

thesis instructions jamk

Typically, sources are listed in alphabetical order, although chronological instuctions hierarchical ordering is also possible. Interview studyquestionnaire studyaction studyor other terms to describe the research method sgive the reader some insight into the thinking behind the material. When the authors are named in the signal phrase, the name appearing last is preceded by the word and.

Instructions on how to Prepare a Thesis Plan. Keyword indices can be used to choose keywords see also Chapter 2. You can find project reporting instructions in JAMK tbesis the website of oppimateriaalit. Data acquisition and processing abilities, skills to work independently and as a member of various groups, and the practical and theoretical mastery of students’ own professional skills all improve as the studies progress.


Master’s Thesis

Download the instructions pdf. Please, tgesis more about the confidential thesis on the website of Reporting, Publicity and Prevention of Plagiarism.

The results section of the report must also address any unanswered research questions. An eventual assignor is named at the very beginning of the abstract. Choice and Theesis of the Topic Thesis work starts the choice of the topic. Keyword indices present both the recommended forms of the words and parallel and synonymous expressions.

Thesis plan Please, see instruction on how to prepare a thesis plan.

Project Reporting Instructions

The theses are published in the PDF format. Precise instructions Please, read the precise thesis instructions on the Thess Student login required.

The topic should be handled by using up-to-date methods that suit the student’s field of education.

Select your home organization from a list and log in with your personal network thesid and password. See List of References, Electronic sources. Thesis work starts the choice of the topic. The thesis report is written in accordance with JAMK’s project reporting instructions oppimateriaalit.