Please note that the University of Potsdam does not award scholarships for specialized courses or grants for tuition fees. Its purpose is to partially fund your stay abroad and to assist you in realizing your project. Please take a look at our memberships and accreditations. It is possible to receive funding for half months that fall within the minimum and maximum funding period. Due to the higher cost of living abroad, a much greater number of students are eligible for state-funded financial aid in this case.

Documents for the application: Academic Embassy is owner-operated and provides first-class student consulting , based on years of experience in the education industry. Please register on our portal. It is also not possible to apply for a later period. The language certificate must not be more than two years old. Graduation scholarships for students Scholarships for emergency assistance Scholarships for voluntarily committed students and doctoral and PhD canditates Graduation scholarships for doctoral and PhD canditates Other Scholarships for students and doctoral and PhD candidate:

Usually, scholarships are thesia for a limited time period only and are partial scholarships – which means that they might not cover the complete living expenses for the whole study period in Germany! One- to six-month stays abroad to write a final thesis Writing a final thesis anywhere in the world. If you have technical problems, please contact the International Office by email or phone during office hours. The application form is activated km now on.

thesis im ausland bafög

Please visit the Fulbright Commission website for information on how to apply and for your application documents. However, she would be ineligible for funding for a four-month study stay and a three-month internship abroad in the same educational phase.


PROMOS and PROMOS In a specific phase of their education, which ends with the completion of a bachelor’s, master’s, Diplom, Magister or state examination program, students may apply for funding from different measures; however, the total period of tehsis for study stays or internships in this educational phase may not exceed six months.

The application is to be made via the corresponding forms. If you apply as part of an exchange program organized by the International Office and certain documents have already been submitted, you should also upload a PDF document identifying the documents and the recipients.

Some foundations are organised in foundation groups.

thesis im ausland bafög

The application cannot be completed unless all of the required fields are filled out and all of the required documents are uploaded. Applications must be filed online. Which criteria are important for a positive outcome? Scholarships for international students and doctoral and PhD candidate: Please avoid uploading all your documents on the last day, thesus this can overload the system.

Please contact the International Office if you have questions.

thesis im ausland bafög

Please note that your documents will only be processed after expiration of the application deadline. Students of German nationality Students who have been placed on an equal footing with German nationals under section 8, nos. A ranking of all the submitted hhesis is compiled.

Fulfillment of the application requirements including timely upload of the complete documents.

Please take a look at aausland memberships and accreditations. Funding scope The maximum is 1, Stipendiumplus – Scholarships for the promotion of young talents in institutions of higher education. Upload the required documents in PDF format.


PROMOS Scholarship program

TUM employees may not receive any additional financial funding and may not claim the travel cost from TUM or from any other institution. Russian for beginners and advanced students Polish for beginners and advanced students Portuguese for beginners and advanced students Turkish for beginners and advanced students Spanish only for advanced students In exceptional cases, other languages not offered by Zessko can be considered. The PROMOS program provides grants for participation in subject-specific study and competition-related travel group tesis to countries inside and outside Europe.

Please fill out the application form online and upload the documents in PDF format.

Academic Embassy is a trustworthy and reliable way auslanr connect with German students, dedicating its resources to comprehensive and all-encompassing on-site services. You can use this form: We will do our best to send all acceptances and rejections within four weeks after the deadline expires.

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Sometimes an application is only possible through the university, i. To get a scholarship when writing your thesis, there might have to be a cooperation between a company and the respective department of the university. Institut Ranke-Heinemann Institut Ranke-Heinemann supports every student Freemover financially during their stay abroad in Australia vafög, New Zealand or Canada within a scholarship programme.

Netzwerk Studienorientierung Scholars at Risk Network. Documents for the application: