They also tend to engage in higher-order thinking and work with their peers on academic matters i. Insights from the National Survey of Student Engagement. Institutions who involve blended professionals in their student engagement strategies demonstrate a united approach to engaging students, as illustrated by Kuh a, British Journal of Educational Psychology. New Roles, New Methods.

The engagement premise is deceptively simple, even self-evident: Lecturers finding ways to encourage interaction in large classes as well as in small, and encouraging, even requiring, students to study in groups, and using feedback to encourage engagement; academics finding ways to urge and to stimulate students to work to master thoroughly the material they are studying — to understand fundamental principles, and not simply to memorise the details; academics finding ways that will engage and excite students through connecting their research with their teaching; staff taking part in the wider student life of the university, supporting extracurricular activities and so on … This means, of course, that student engagement requires staff engagement. International Studies in Sociology of Education. Second, several of the studies described here do not move beyond analysing findings and drawing conclusions from them. Technology facilitates collaboration between peers and instructors.

They see staff as being approachable, as responsive to student needs, and as encouraging and legitimating student reflection, and feedback. In social as well as natural sciences, it foregrounds the testing of hypotheses through empirical observation. Frameworks for action are conceptually based lenses offered to leaders to help them act in a more informed and theoretically illuminated way see Bamber et al. Faculty and administrators at the institution felt confident in this statement based on personal feedback from students but, until recently, there had been no evidence to support their assertions.


Diversity experiences teach students valuable things about themselves and others. Data … suggests real increases in expenditures in recent years at colleges and universities, most notably in the institutional support administrative category….

Disaggregated the student engagement concept into its component parts Wrote case studies of highly engaged universities Proposed frameworks for action aimed at change agents Developed a Leadership for Engagement resource kit Created a role play workshop exercise Set up an interactive website about student engagement login: Some Consequences, Causes and Patterns.

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Students also need to interact with these [optimal] conditions and activities in ways that will lead to productive learning. Providing an engaging environment is not just the wise thing to do, they claim — it is also the right thing to do.

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Student engagement in Higher Education

These would include greater connectedness between academics and their students Bensimonxxii — xxiii ; increased interaction on substantive matters with their students Kuh a, ; engagwment sharing values and approaches to learning with their students Rush and Balamoutsou4 — in addition to the increased job studentt of teaching responsive students.

This is intended as an illustration of a method of visualising individual examples from the literature, rather than attempting to represent the entire body in excess of 1 examples of literature on engagement. While methodologically rigorous work in well-regarded journals can be found in the literature, grey literature is disproportionately present, in the form of project reports, unpublished conference papers, practitioner presentations and discussion documents, as well as e-journals.


These institutions are the mirror image of the first engagement type. How sound is NSSE? This is a deficiency in this area as in many other substantive areas of educational research.

Journal of Higher Education. That which was found was concerned with student engagement in governance and leadership, rather than student involvement in shaping the design and delivery of curriculum in any direct sense — beyond student feedback questionnaires, which, as described by Kuhthemselves constitute a form of engagement. San Francisco, CA, 27—31 March.

Findings from a National Survey. However, student engagement in governance is not always unproblematic.

student engagement literature review vicki trowler

For some students, engagement with the university experience is like engaging in a battle, a conflict. Likewise, the more students practice and engagemenh feedback on their writing, analyzing, or problem solving, the more adept they become.

student engagement literature review vicki trowler

Handbook of Theory and Research. A Confirmatory Factor Analysis Approach. The literature often has a normative1 agenda, characterised by discussions of gains and benefits while ignoring possible downsides, and at times a reductionist2 approach, such as suggesting that students with disabilities or ethnic minority students share their opinions about architecture or artwork for the walls of buildings see Harper and Quaye, a, 9. Teaching in Higher Education.

student engagement literature review vicki trowler

Culture in American Colleges and Universities. Krause10 highlights that some subgroups of students such as year- olds, students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and foreign students perceive their success at engagement with the university negatively: Frameworks for action have four elements: University of Western Australia, 30—31 January. Manage online learning experiences with care —— Online resources: These are the students for whom the culture of the university is foreign and at times alienating and uninviting.