Help Center Find new research papers in: Only few farm equipments like fodder chopper, water pumps, milk utensils will be purchased. The milk price varies according to its type buffalo or cow and the season. French Ministers of Finance. Professional fees legal, audit, consultants, etc. One mature person can handle eight milk animals easily. It should be airy with protection of the animals from extreme temperatures and strong winds.

French Ministers of Finance. The prices of buffalo are higher in the summer and the monsoon season, while they are lower in winter. It includes a mix of minerals magnesium, iron, sodium and salts. Geographical potential for investment 2. Building Depreciation cost 3. The natural shelf life of milk is 4 hours at room temperature after milking. Vaccination and medication cost 4.

Although, due care and diligence has been taken to compile this document, the contained information may vary due to any change in any of the concerned factors, and the actual results may differ substantially from the presented information. The price of animals is again dependent on the season. Fodder is cultivated on the land to feed the dairy animals. You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users.

Pre-Feasibility Study DAIRY FARM

Milk processing was started in the country in late s, which is still facing challenges due to competition with the unprocessed milk. The fodder yield varies between 10 tons to 40 tons per acre depending upon the fertility of land.

It should be facilitated with drinking water for animals. On an average, cows are productive for 7 to 8 years while buffaloes are productive for 8 to 9 years. Different value added products like yogurt, ice cream, butter and cheese are also produced from the raw milk. smda


smeda business plan for dairy farm

Additionally, urea molasses blocks and salt blocks can help in better milk production. Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Brief description of project and products 2. Each new animal will be vaccinated before entering into the busniess.

Business Plan Dairy Farm The Dairy Smeda Business Plan Dairy Farming

However, the farm will also offer sale to domestic individual consumers. The housing should have proper drainage system to keep hygiene at the farm.

Generally the lactation days of faarm are days and that of buffaloes is days.

Dairy animals are fed on a high protein diet concentrate along with green fodder. In rural areas, milk is used to make desi ghee, yogurt, curd milk lassi and butter. SMEDA does busuness assume any liability for any financial or other loss resulting from this memorandum in consequence of undertaking this activity. This ration feed includes cotton seed cakes, corn gluten, wheat bran, molasses, and choker3. Dairy animals are purchased from the animal markets or breeders located in Sahiwal, Sheikupura, Faisalabad.

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smeda business plan for dairy farm

Animal markets are situated in different places in Punjab. The average purchase price of high yielding buffalo on average is Rs 30, Mineral mixtures are good source of energy and increase the animal productivity to give milk. If we have our own land for harvesting the fodders. Following table shows calculations for project space requirement; Table 4: There is no hard and fast rule for the designing of sheds for animals. These animals are called wet animals. Secondly, if we avoid middle man or have own enterprises for sale of Milk and Beef or sale our goods through auction.


The Farm Girl and the Milk. Animal breeding through artificial insemination AI will result in better herd management which in turn, would lead to higher milk yields. This means that there will be 19 buffaloes and 9 cows in the herd. Equipment and machines maintenance cost 3. Upload document Create flashcards. About 1 kg of concentrate is required for the production of 3 liters of milk.