It is probably not a coincidence that many cases of OCD centre on cleanliness and security. Volumetric magnetic resonance imaging studies were conducted in 21 psychotropic drug-naive children, aged 8 to 17 years, with OCD and 21 case-matched healthy comparison subjects. In the years leading up to this, John reported two poignant experiences which appear relevant to the development of his symptoms; he reported being involved in the euthanizing of two dogs whilst working as a Ranger’s assistant; and that when he was young, he and his girlfriend at the time had a pregnancy termination. In order to ensure that participants remain anonymous, pseudonyms have been used. Rachman, who has been studying OCD since the early development of ERP, has also contributed significantly to the evolution of current knowledge of how to conceptualize and treat obsessions. Importantly, the three participants in our study were representative of quite typical OCD clients in that they had severe levels of symptoms and had OCD for a number of years.

Despite these valuable findings, there are limitations of this study. Thalamic dysfunction has been implicated in obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD. He was offered two consecutive treatments: Please review our privacy policy. However, she ceased taking the medication due to nausea. All you have to do is give practical and specific ideas for how you might implement the theory you have described in the first question into the scenario they give you.

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Accuracy of retrospective memory and covariation estimation in patients with obsessive—compulsive disorder. This means that you will not need to remember your user name and password in the future and you will be able to login with the account you choose to sync, with the click of a button. Common obsessive thoughts concern contamination, e.


Potential participants were recruited from the Curtin OCD clinic. Not only do these SSRIs increase brain serotonin activity; they also produce more normal activity in the orbital region and caudate nuclei, the brain areas that are implicated in the disorder Baxter et al.

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Mary also reported variations on her compulsive behaviors and the presence of thought suppression not identified during the administration of the Y-BOCS. OCD sufferers memories may also be impaired, so they may not remember if kcd had switched the light off, for example.

Cognitive treatment of obsessions: The video below shows six youngsters with OCD. Discrepancies have been reported between data collected in the client’s natural environment in situ and those based on the client’s later recall de Beurs et acse. You can login by using one of your existing accounts.

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What do these findings suggest about the causes of the brain abnormalities linked to OCD symptoms? The EMA-OCD data indicated that John substituted one of his compulsions for an alternative anxiety reducing act, which was not recorded in the Y-BOCS data and suggests the identification of a previously unreported compulsion.

Support Center Support Center. He reported that he had never taken medication for his OCD. How does this document illustrate Freud’s theory in action? Describe one case study of OCD 4 3.

rachman case study ocd

In addition to the above, the EMA-OCD data indicated that John substituted one of his rituals for another, when he touched a crucifix instead of performing his usual hand washing ritual to cleanse him-self of the potential satanic possession. If you already understand the pros and cons of the psychodynamic approach, for example it will be easy for you to see how these apply to the condition of OCD.


They were screened via telephone to ascertain their suitability for the study. The need to consider adapting standard treatments for mental contamination is suggested. Lorys CastelliUniversity of Turin, Italy.

The Treatment of Obsessions

Both approaches are done to help the person stop performing the compulsive behaviours. They are summarized in three ways. Likewise, John’s reported compulsive behaviors also varied between data sets. The book is brief, intended to introduce readers to the essentials necessary to pcd and develop treatment plans for individuals suffering from obsessions.

Richter New York, NY: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

rachman case study ocd

As this is a pilot clinical case study, we offer the following tentative hypothesis: There is a time delay before any improvement in OCD is notice. Two for the price of one! Assessment of obsessions and compulsions: Thalamic dysfunction has been implicated in obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD.

rachman case study ocd

You have already looked at the benefits and problems with cognitive therapies in detail throughout the ‘Abnormality’ course.