How they have grown into a leader during high school. Using a few words from the prompt is acceptable, but often there are more interesting and captivating ways to begin your essay. There are many ways to begin an essay, and some are more common than others. What really matters is the time and effort you put into writing your essay. Reflect on a memorable event. The beginning of your essay is also a space for you to introduce the themes you will use throughout your essay.

Structure What is the concept of “flow” and why is it so important? There are three essential elements to proofreading: I was born on February 22, … The Significant Relationship: I know that my education has put my parents in a bind of wanting to stay here for me and wanting to go back to Nepal. I have read and accept MindSumo’s Terms and Conditions. An essay that flows well does not include choppy sentences, illogical structure, or paragraphs that are out of sequence.

As we pulled up the driveway, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, I reached over and grabbed my mom’s hand, because I knew pgompts could only get through this together. Read natiinal essay out loud. Specific instances where it’s okay to use a sentence fragment include when it:. Ask as many people for help as you can. I attended three different middle schools… The Trip: A comma splice is when two independent clauses are joined by a comma without a coordinating conjunction and, but, or, nor, for, so, yet or with a word that is not one of these conjunctions.


Consider the difference correct grammar can make between these two sentences. Avoid listing the challenges you have faced.

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I always thought I would attend my local community college, however, my plans took an unexpected turn when I heard about QuestBridge during my sophomore year of high school.

How can I use transitions to improve the flow of my essay?

What grammar essentials qhestbridge I keep in mind? Growing up, there were numerous absences by my parent’s, but there was never an absence of love. When this happens, you lose sight of the point you are trying to make and lead the reader to a completely different topic.

Accordingly, many essays begin with some variation of the following: Want to view scholarship essays on different topics? Get Access to Challenges through MindSumo.

You don’t want to leave the reader behind as you quickly move from one idea to the next.

questbridge national college match essay prompts

What is a “common thread” and why is it important? If each paragraph and sentence supports the main point of your essay, you have successfully avoided unnecessary tangents. This resource provides a wide variety of scholarship essay examples for you to review.

Though her fiction is well known, her work with essah satirical garage band the Rock Bottom Remainders receives far less publicity. Make sure your body paragraphs are in collefe order and develop your primary point s.

questbridge national college match essay prompts

However, in an effort to sound more sophisticated, be careful not to rely so much on a thesaurus that your language sounds unnatural and perhaps includes words that even the reader doesn’t understand. With my mom working in a humid Laundromat with minimum English, my dad quit school so that our family had enough money to sustain ourselves. Admissions officers read hundreds of college applications and essays. I walked into my first high school class, feeling nervous. It can also be effective to refer back to your introduction in your final sentences.


Be particularly mindful of how you use commas, semicolons, and dashes, and be careful not to overuse the latter two. List adjectives that describe you. Although I used to have little self-discipline, I am now driven by my strong work ethic.

While questbrixge are welcome to write about any of these topics, nationsl know that many students do write about them. I escaped the tension at home by driving to the beach, even then my mind couldn’t stay still. They connect your ideas and views throughout the essay.

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When the reader can tell that a thesaurus was overused, it may become difficult to focus on your message instead of simply the large words that you use. There have been many things that have taught me the value of hard work.

There was an instance in which my older brother and I were in the elevator along with two men coming home from elementary school and I can still vividly hear them call us derogatory names as we just had to stand and listen.