Ghosh, Abhijit Effort estimation Of web based applications. Chanda, Asit Baran Hardware design of electronic notice board. Ansari, Mazhar Husain Simulation of effects of various parameters in solid waste gasification in a fixed bed reactor. Thermal-Structural analysis of ceramic to metal vacuum brazing joints. Satyanarayan, Shivakumar and Patel, Amarendra Kumar Dynamic stability of layered beams with bolted joints under parametric excitation. Dhir, Satarupa Study of flow of granular solids through horizontal orifices. Dalai, C Water quality improvement using different filter materials.

Rajput, Monika Optimization of electrospinning parameters to fabricate aligned nanofibers for neural tissue engineering. Tripathy, Siddhartha Intelligent Robotic Navigation. Khare, A Study of dynamic stress and estimation of life for viscoelastic rotor-a finite element approach. Dash, Shreetam Numerical analysis in ranque-hilsch vortex tube. Kumar , Avinash An adaptive hysteresis band current controlled unified power quality conditioner. Gangawat , J Optimization of production planning in underground mining. Kumar, Kumar Effect of distribution coefficients:

Kola, N Reliability based analysis of dam embankment, geocellreinforced foundation and embankment with stone columns using finite element dourkela.

Nayak, T Stability analysis of dump with admixture of fly-ash and overburden material in open-cast coal mines. Meena, Kuldeep Kumar and Yadav, Parit A comparative study in soil plasticity of hall area and lecture complex area of nit rourkela. Sethi, R K Use of adaptive methods to improve degraded document images.

Dwibedy, J S State estimation through secure wireless communication in a smart grid. Sharma, Prashant Designing a real time embedded controller using data acquisition system for a DC motor speed control.

Sahoo, Rasmi Ranjan Analysis and capacity based earthquake resistant design of multi bay multi storeyed 3D-RC frame.


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SemwalNikhil Experimental determination of apparent fracture toughness of aluminium sheet for varying strain rate. Mondal, Jolly Modelling and simulation of impulse voltage generator using marx circuit. Bisoi, Biswaranjan Trace elements in some Indian coals.

Saha, Goutam Chandra Financial analysis of mining projects. Answered Sep 27, Frankly Speaking, Rourjela tough. How well do you score on the GRE?

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Mohanty, Prashant Kumar On edge detection of images using ant colony optimization and fisher ratio. Das, Aditya Kumar Engineering characterization of sulphur modified bituminous binders. Singh, Rohit Design of concentric driven serial chain robot wrist. Singh, N Synthesis, sintering and characterization of Al2O wt.

Rakesh, Matla Spectrum sharing in Cognitive Radio. Lalduhsaka, Mark Vitrification of mononuclear cells isolated from umbilical cord blood. Bathala, Srikanth Composites for machine tool beds. Mishra, Upasana Development of Cobalt-Magnesium doped hydroxyapatite for bone tissue engineering application.

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Patel, Sanjukta Modeling and control of a grid connected wind-PV hybrid generation system. Kumar, Nishant Optimizing the cutting parameters using pproject method to reduce the cutting tool vibration. KumarAkash Adsorptive removal of Rhodamine B dye using low cost adsorbents.

Kumar, Chandan Hand-written character recognition using artificial neural network.

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Ghosal, Samik Densification and mechanical prlject of pure and doped hydroxyapatite. Lenka, Arunesh Optimization of hot-machining using taguchi method. Das, Sarthak and Pandey, Saurabh Pyrolysis and catalytic cracking of municipal plastic waste for recovery of gasoline range hydrocarbons.

Chakraborty, Shubhrajyoti Effect of size on compression, bending and tensile strength of plaster of Paris specimen.


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RamShankar A study of adaptive beamforming techniques uising smart antenna for mobile communication. Computer Simulation and Analysis.

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An in silico approach. Feasible Location, Potential and Installation in Odisha. Sahu, Jagannatha Study of tensile and flexural properties of luffa fiber reinforced epoxy composite.