In the event of order cancellation, the funds will be debited back only to the account of the initial payment within business days from the time of cancellation request. For topics 8 and 15, you should ensure you are using the most current 3 years financial statements available at the start of the submission period if you are submitting for the first time or re-submitting using a new topic. The dedication, support and motivation of each of the mentors is remarkable. Demystifying Research A useful first step is to demystify research and the research process as it relates to your RAP. Email to Linda Hinton, 18 August. The viva is used to evaluate your knowledge and understanding of the RAP submitted and to confirm that it is your own work.

This can be done by emailing acca brookes. I have had this problem. This list can be subdivided by year and letter if necessary. I also appreciate our able and qualitative striker from Singapore – Mr. Are you submitting for the first time?

obu thesis submission fee

Before the second meeting you should have gathered your information and data and done some evaluation to give you some insight into how well you are meeting your Research Report aims and objectives. You should therefore take from this meeting a clear proposal of your choice of topic, research method and draft aims and objectives for theais Report.


Good referencing not only acknowledges your sources of information, ideas and opinions, it also serves to validate the information you are using to construct an argument. SparklesSoft provides plagiarism free work which is only possible through the punctilious attitude of our writers. National service framework for diabetes. Please ensure that all of the files you want to upload are less than 10MB.


It is good practice to try to fes the original source Jones so that you can cite and reference it in addition to the source which quoted it Walker. If the student is found guilty of academic misconduct there are a range of penalties that can apply as follows: Mostly the clients worry that their work might not sound as professional as it should. For further examples see: It now clearly distinguishes between things that must be done Part 2 and guidance on how to do well Part 3.

Two of these are directly related to your meetings with your Mentor. So what exactly does it mean and why is it important?

Obu thesis submission fee

You may have to develop this learning in more depth to prepare a high quality RAP and this will enhance your knowledge and skills in accounting and business.

This is my plan what do you think? Please note that no RAP will be marked without a submission fee being received. This must be done before sitting any of the three papers. Please note, dissertations under embargo are not available in full text through he ProQuest Dissertations and Theses thesis database or for sale via ProQuest Dissertation Express during the embargo period. This list can be subdivided by year and letter if necessary.

However you must also be assessed as competent in the Graduate Skills to secure a pass for the RAP overall. Your desired outcomes from the second meeting may include the following: You undertake a research-based project related to a single organisation and complete the two components of the RAP: Although Oxford Brookes University does not require you to submit an RAP outline for approval, we strongly recommend that you prepare a short outline for your RAP and a timetable within which you show when you expect to complete the different phases of the research work and how you will meet the Oxford Brookes University RAP submission deadline.


Part-time or full-time Language of study: We will contact you about your ceremony following your award. Your choice of information sources may be influenced by this requirement and you should carefully consider the possible impact on your project objectives and research questions. Currently, there are 20 approved topic areas, which form the basis of your RAP.

obu thesis submission fee

Please note that you must inform Oxford Brookes University of any changes in name and address that take place after submission of your project, and before the results date. This is discussed later in this Information Pack. As the programme is a distance learning course, we are unable to provide academic or personal references.

For all topics other than 8 and 15, please also note the requirement to base your project on recent organisational activity or processes rather than historical events. You must explain and provide evidence of the reasons why you were late in contacting us, knowing that your 10 year eligibility period has already expired. Some of the transferable skills requirements for a UK accounting degree are not met through professional examinations, therefore an additional element — the Research and Analysis Project — was created to ensure students gain these transferable skills.

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If you think it is, then you are not the sort of person who should become a member of ACCA and join the accountancy profession.

The fee should be paid online when uploading your project.

obu thesis submission fee

Applied business research requires the use of a systematic investigation process.