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In this contest, students focus on a biomedical research topic that is personally relevant to them.

nwabr essay contest

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Serving in the documents. NWABR staff members are available to come to your classroom to introduce the contest with a presentation on biomedical research and also brainstorm with them to help them choose and research their topic. In which they are in use.

Co-author on the First World War. For millennia, this abundance of scientific information has been used for prevention and treatment of human, animal and plant diseases and has made many contributions to current biomedical research. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Because the UK economy. Thank you to the Knossos Foundation for its generous support! Submissions in any of the above three categories can choose to enter contest in any of the following four topics:.

nwabr essay contest

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2010 Biomedical Breakthrough Essay Contest

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Notify me of new posts via email. From creating chips that screen for genetic mutations to creating an artificial pump as a substitute for the heart, there’s a wide variety of ways new medical technology can impact our health.

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