No skin rashes and allergies noted upon inspection. When the penis is erect, the flow of urine is blocked from the urethra, allowing only semen to be ejaculated at orgasm. From this learned experienced it will served as a stepping-stone for us to strive more. By P S Rao. Her second stage of labor lasted for 20 minutes and the third stage lasted for 5 minutes. Her sensory transmission functions as well as manifested by the data presented is normal. A normal stool is brown in color and well formed, urine is clear to yellowish in color.

Data extraction forms were developed and completed for each study, and the quality of each study was systematically reviewed. Introduction A normal spontaneous vaginal delivery SVD occurs when a pregnant female goes into labor without the use of drugs or techniques to induce labor, and delivers her baby in the normal manner, without forceps, vacuum extraction, or a cesarean section. The normal capillary refill test is seconds and upon capillary refill test was done it returns to normal state within seconds. Learn from Case Study experts like Anthony S. S defecated once during the delivery. The shoulders and hips are level, symmetry of the scapulae and iliac crests.

She has no history of bleeding and any discomfort on her pregnancy until she begun to labor and delivered her first baby.

During sexual stimulation, these blood vessels become engorged with blood, causing the labia minora to swell and become more sensitive to stimulation. S has a tan skin. The tsudy takes weeks to return to its non-pregnant size.


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We learned from this case the importance of post- partum care and the Physiology of Normal Spontaneous Delivery. She consumed the 7 to 8 hours sleep, but the only thing is she felt irritated because of her perineal tsudy. She was conscious and had no complications throughout the delivery.

The patient should be oriented to time, place, can identify past and recent memories and should be able to verbalized concrete messages. They live in a concrete house with 6 occupants.

It is usually the longest part of labor. Performing Kegel exercises are an important component of strengthening the perineal muscles after delivery and may be begun sthdy soon as it is comfortable to do so.

She lived in an urban area wherein pollution is very common. A significant amount of lochia despite a firm fundus may indicate a laceration in the birth canal, which should be addressed immediately.

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In standing position, the torso and head are upright. Uterus Assess the fundus: This occurs after a pregnant woman goes through labor, which opens, or dilates, her cervix to at least 10 centimeters. They are Roman Catholic. Prostate fluids also help to nourish the sperm. S is cooperative while performing caxe interview.

nursing case study nsvd

The vaginal opening is the entryway for the penis during sexual intercourse and the exit for blood during menstruation and for the baby during birth.

The labia minora lie just inside the labia majora and surround the openings to the vagina and urethra. Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site. She was very lazy all the time as she stated.


It looks pitted, like a raisin, but is grayish white in color. However, lasting edema should be reported for further assessment. Include in the diet foods higher in vitamin C, and E, and omega-3 fatty acids rich foods.

nursing case study nsvd

This stage ends with the expulsion of the fetus. However, some women begin experiencing twitchiness in their legs postpartum. She eats 3 times a day with some interval of snacks.

nursing case study nsvd

Her father had an history of hypertension he is currently taking his maintenance and caes mother and youngest sister had an asthma but now controlled. She has a stretch mark over her abdomen area considered striae gravidarum. New moms may also suffer from incontinence or a urinary tract infection, which can cause a burning sensation during urination. S marked the physiologic changes of pregnancy hence, reproductive status is altered but expected to return to normal status after 1 month approximately XII.

Postpartum mothers and their families should be taught to understand that the baby blues are a normal part of the postpartum experience. There are some risk in having an ephisiotomy.