You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Delegates to upload final dissertation in turnitin final folder Delegates to submit one hard-bound copy to MAE Graduate office. For research scholars, the last day of award is the supervisor’s endorsement date. In addition to being examined on the thesis, a student for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy must pass an oral examination on the subject matter of the thesis and other related subjects. Seminar Attendance Record Form. Please read and compile with the requirements.

Their names will be removed from the register of higher degree candidates. Full-time PhD students may apply for overseas conference, subject to approval of the school. Research Student’s Application Form for Course Exemption All students must fulfill the following before they could apply for course exemption: Please refer to the list above for the approved graphic calculator models. Student will have to re-submit the revised thesis for plagiarism check again. The exact administration details to be decided by supervisor. Supervisor s shall nominate the two non-supervisory members.

Student will have to re-submit the revised thesis for plagiarism check again. In general, a PhD thesis requires at least three independent examiners and a Master’s thesis requires two independent examiners. Students admitted before AY are required to pay an examination fee when they submit their thesis, unless the examination fee is covered under the terms of the research scholarship and the thesis is submitted within the prescribed scholarship period.

The thesis must be preceded by the following in the order given, all of which must be bound with the thesis: It is suggested that PhD students to present to TAC to get feedback and suggestions before drafting their confirmation report and final thesis.


Please take note of the new requirementto include 3 Declaration Statements in your Thesis submissions.

Form to initiate the process of nomination of examiners. Their names will be removed from the register of higher degree candidates.

The effective date of conversion of candidature shall be within one month from the date of receipt of your request by Assistant Chair Graduate Studies. Full-time PhD students may apply for overseas conference, subject to approval of the school. The current role of the supervisor would remain, but with the additional responsibility to act as a coordinator of the TAC.

Have not submitted thesis. It is subject to the approval by the School. Please use only calculators that appear in the approved list. Students who meet any ONE of the criteria listed in the attached list can be exempted from the English proficiency course. Students must submit this form sunmission, together with the supporting documents to MAE Graduate Office through their supervisors.

It is compulsory for thesis to be checked by the school.

Minimally one week allowance for supervisor’s endorsement is advised. The following are the statements to be included in all thesis: Such request will be considered on a case-by-case basis and strong reasons must be provided. Please click here for the approved list tesis calculators.

Research Seminars Attendance All research students are required to fulfill 10 seminars per academic year and submit the Seminar Attendance Record form thesjs MAE Graduate Office through your Supervisor upon submission of your annual progress report.

However, students can perform their own plagiarism check before submitting the thesis to their superivsor. Students who withdraw or leave the University two or more weeks after the commencement of their candidature or the commencement of the semester are liable to pay the fees due for the submiseion.


School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

You are required to submit the following documents to your Supervisor and Dissertation Co-ordinator within six months. Please submit hard bound mwe to the supervisor if the submission has been requested by the supervisor. Please highlight to our office if you meet any of the mentioned criteria.

For medical leave, compassionate leave and in-camp training, please attach relevant supporting documents to your applications. The leave policy is enclosed.

General information

Seminar Attendance Record Form. You will then be required to submit one hard-bound copy of your Dissertation after the final amendment to MAE Graduate office.

ntu mae thesis submission

Calculators, which do not appear in the approved list, will not be registered. Candidates to select their proposed supervisor in the system so that their applications will go to the respective faculty member for shortlisting.

ntu mae thesis submission

Liable for tuition fees for entire Semester 1 or Semester 2 respectively. Prior to submission through the online system, students should have cleared their thesis with their supervisor to ensure that they are in an acceptable form for examination.