Subhashree, Soumya Strengthening of rc continuous beams using frp sheet. Sharan , Alok Strength characteristics of fibre reinforced compacted pond ash. Prasad, N Architectural implementation of cordic unit and its applications. Bisai, R A study on modes of rock failure under uniaxial compression. Vamshi, Chintha An analysis of frequency recognition algorithms and implementation in realtime. Gopinath, Swagathnath Investigation of biochar application in the growth enhancement of Oryza sativa and the associated soil microbial ecology through PLFA characterization. Rajkonwar, Amit Investigation into mechanical and tribological properties of Lantana Camara particulate reinforced epoxy composite.

Haridas, B A study on mechanical and thermal behavior of coir fiber reinforced epoxy composites. Sharathdhruthi, Boga Free vibration analysis of multiple cracked uniform and stepped beams using finite element analysis. Sahu, Rajiv Lochan A comparative study on joints with and without gouge fill. Chowdary, Kilari Suresh Effect of diaphragm discontinuity in the seismic response of multi-storeyed building. Kumar, R On the use of software metrics. Bankoti, A K S Synergistic study on electrochemically deposited thin film with a spectrum from micro to nano range structures.

PatnaikAshish Kumar Level of service criteria of roads in urban indian context. Paul, Anil Effect of bonding phases on the properties of Al2O3 based slide gate plates. Maharana, Ashutosh Application of Digital Fingerprinting: Bansod, Saurabh Design of low cost semi- virtual digital storage oscilloscope.

Sahoo, Rosalin Dynamic stability of composite shells subjected to hygrothermal enviornment. Mishra, D A study on thermal and dielectric characteristics of solid glass microsphere filled epoxy composites. Satyavolu, S Optimization of production parameters in sms plant, welspun.

Nit Rourkela Mechanical Thesis

Singh, V K Adsorptive removal of safranin dye using low cost adsorbent. Vallabhadas, Dilip Kumar Comparative study of distance metrics for t-closeness.


nit rourkela mechanical thesis

Seragadam, Padma Bio-removal of nickel from electroplating industry. Saeed, Ahmed Path synthesis of four-bar mechanism using harmony search optimization. ResearchMS or equivalent ], the candidate is permitted to submit the final result within one year from the date of thesis submission.

nit rourkela mechanical thesis

Krishna, Katta Saran Investigations on some planar microwave filters. RamakrishnaDommati Design, testing and assembly of rectangular patch antenna.

Kumar, Pradeep Optimization of structural parameters using artificial neural network for vibration reduction in beams. Katta, J Optimization of conical antenna array synthesis using modified cuckoo search algorithm. Short term course on “Video Analytics: This list was generated on Thu May 23 Kumar, Anshuman Modelling of micro wire electro discharge machining in aerospace material.

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Swamy, Mala Narayana A 0. Padhi, E Validation mechaniical discharge prediction approaches in a straight compound channel. Kumari, S Preparation and characterization of interpenetrating hydrogel for colon drug delivery. Kawaduji, Chaudhari Khushal Discrete-time slip control algorithms for a hybrid electric vehicle. Mohanty, Reema Modelling of a PV array and short time prediction of solar insolation. Ekka, S P Recognition of handwritten digits using proximal support vector machine.

Jain, S Red mud as a construction material by using bioremediation. Kumar, Aditya Decentralized roukrela control with communication delay: A CFD based Investigation.

Biswas, Rajashree Active power filter based on interleaved buck converter. Bose, Bishnu Pada Influence of joints on Rock mass strength through modeling. Rajput, Monika Optimization of electrospinning parameters to fabricate aligned nanofibers for neural tissue engineering.

Agarwal, Arun Digital Audio Broadcast: Sheelvardhan, K Analysis and simulation of superconducting magnetic energy storage system. Mechanicql, Tarun Microflow induced mechanotransduction in hacat cells: Singh, Jagarti Protein glycation and oxidative stress in pathophysiology of diabetic complications.