Notice how I make use of headers again and how the first sections Context, Issue, Research Questions are actually the same as in the proposal Research Questions, Context, Problems in a different order. Remember that your reviewers are going to be reading dozens or hundreds of these, so they may not give your plan as much attention as you want. English is normally optional for native speakers. So try not to be too self-centered in your proposal; put the accent on your project instead. If you have suggestions about how to make this article more useful, please let me know! Hi Omar, I saw your question on another article and answered it here. If you find a particular area in that test that you struggle with, then I would recommend that you look for general textbooks on that portion.

I am applying for Structural Engineering, and my Japanese proficiency level is zero. Hi Erina, Even if you have never written a graduation thesis in the past, you can still write about whatever the specific focus of your undergraduate major was for this form. Every section is at most two paragraphs long. How do I write “field of study” for mext scholarship? You need a recommendation letter: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

Then put more thought on it. In my plan I described two slightly different projects that I could work on depending on the university I ended up in, since my research is on a large collaborative experiment and I can’t just choose freely what Scholadship want to do.

I was there on a non-degree research scholarship, studying East Asian calligraphy.


Topic 5. How to write good Research Proposal – Mextipedia

Why is the topic important? MEXT scholarship is for people who has their own creative idea that contribute to society, they no need the one who is just received tasks from other people to finalize it. Back mxet the Field of Study and Research Program Plan One you wrote a proposal that way reviewed by multiple people, you can wrote the document 5 of the application.

You should also have some knowledge of sources from your previous studies, I assume.

Japan does place a lot of weight on titles. Japanese professors are the key to your application. I just finished writing that update for my book. Stick to the most important points: I was taking the test in a room with around other people, and almost all of them gave up on the Japanese test within a few minutes of looking at it. Hi Alek, Thank you very much for your kind words. First, a short rant: However I did see someone online from US I think?

Even for MBAs, you should have some sort of culminating project, no? Otherwise send the professors emails about it.

MEXT Graduate Scholarship: Research Project (3/3)

Great job you did here. I’ve only been to Budapest but what delicious food you have! Yes, you can still apply after several years of employment!

Hi, Sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier. I scholarrship I have a good grasp on sampel part of my application now. In the second, shorter paragraph, describe how you expect your method to solve your research problem. This site has been really helpful for me too.


I assume I should then try to link this to my particular interests? Every time I write a comment, I feel the need to thank sfholarship profusely for all your help and effort. Describe articulately the research you wish to carry out in Japan vs Study program in Japan: I mean, to me it looks perfect, however I remember reading that these things are supposed to reserach written in 3rd person. Hi Travis, thank you very much for this amazing guide. Take your time answering questions and don’t be afraid if there are silences while the interviewers are considering what you’ve said.

mext scholarship research proposal sample

Yes, I just became aware of this change and meext be updating this article as well as my book as soon as possible. I guess these are enough to write a good proposal for MEXT application. Research Goals Recommended Length: The only concern I have is, how should I contact the professors?

mext scholarship research proposal sample

One jury member told me something around this line: Regards, Minh Like Liked by resewrch people. It is for this reason that I would like to study traditional Japanese ink brush techniques.