The terms white and black were in current usage in Chicago during this era. Indeed, Mexicans in the steel industry advanced into skilled work at a lower rate than blacks. Redfield used the term Jewish without indication of nationality. Like their Polish and Italian neighbors, for instance, Mexicans had left their homeland in times of upheaval and civil unrest. Because they spoke and wrote in terms of white and black and because they were held to identifiable—albeit shifting—standards of whiteness by coworkers, neighbors, employers, police, and other Mexicans, analytical discussion of the Mexican situation in Chicago during the interwar period necessarily must rely on whiteness as a category of historical understanding.

I explore this point more fully in chapter 3 of my manuscript, Mexican Chicago; on the connections between whiteness and Americanness, see King, Making Americans; and Jacobson, Whiteness of a Different Color, especially chap. Mexico Chicago , December 11, University of Texas Press, Garvey had come to Chicago as a child from Ireland and was a zealous Catho- lic working at the mission of Maria Incarnata. On the Irish, see Lawrence S.

Please select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway. In the early s at one of the numerous employ- 62 ment agencies on Canal Street, an enganchista, or labor recruiter, approached two dark-skinned men reading the sign in his window.

McMichael, and Roy C. Chicago Commission on Race Relations. Adding to the complexity, Mexican experiences of the racializing processes in Chicago mdxican medi- ated by differing experiences in the U. See also Anthony Rotondo, American Manhood: He was even stripped of whatever legitimate claims he could make to belonging to a nation.


She explained that one of these outrageous couples lived next door to her. Thereafter, they resume fairly regularly. Whereas no Mexicans were working in the packinghouses inby an estimated 5.

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In rare instances, individual Italians were embraced throughout the Mexican areas of Chicago as in the case of Vic- tor Lupiano. And all because our countrymen have happened to cross the Polish gentlemen, in such simple matters as skirts. Removal of these papers was particularly damaging during the Depression as the danger of being forcibly repatriated to Mexico was very real.

Duke Mecican Press,and is completing her manu- script Mexican Chicago: Log In Sign Up. Chicago Defender, August 2,p. Please choose whether zrredondo not you want other users to be able to see on your profile that this library is a favorite of yours.

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Southwest, especially Texas, employers often refused to hire them, and Mexi- can unemployment soared. Hermitage on the West, and S. But the rental value of the buildings go up. When Clyde Brading of Wisconsin Steel hired light-skinned Mexicans, not only was he favoring a degree of whiteness, but he also was actively not hiring blacks.

For the most part, Mexicans only experienced this degree of residential segregation in South Chicago.

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As the decade ended, Mexicans had not occupied a place in the emerging ethno-racial orders of Chicago. The bank was located at Grand and Halsted Streets.

More important, however, whatever impulses Mexicans did have toward stay- arrefondo were increasingly stymied by growing levels of intolerance and discrimination against them in Chicago.


Despite their vulnerability, however, most Mexicans still refused to change their citizenship when access to public relief and welfare aid was limited to U.

She received her Ph. Mexicans also grew increasingly aware of discrimination against them in the types of work they were assigned.

mexican chicago arredondo thesis

Three months later, a Polish policeman actually killed a Mexican in South Chicago. Colored and Negro were also employed interchangeably with black. One of his fellow agents asked him to confirm that these men were in fact Mexicans.

Mexican Trade and Exports Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays – words

Redfield, Journal,Redfield Papers. Such behaviors and attitudes could also be yet another manifestation of groups jostling for position and power in the American ethno-racial orders.

mexican chicago arredondo thesis

The Italian runner had been acting as a kind of intermediary between the more empowered Irish lawyer and the unempowered Mexicans. Verso, ; and Foley, The White Scourge. While most Mexicans came from Mexico, a notable number came to Chicago either through or directly from Texas.