Exposure to clinical procedures could provide students with an opportunity to come across real life situations. As a faculty, you have guided undergraduate dental students in preclinical prosthodontics. Lack of clinical exposure coupled with use of conventional methods of teaching were identified as reasons for difficulty in understanding the subject. International Journal of Dental Clinics. Published online Aug 1. Informed consent was taken from the participants. The students and the faculty expressed felt need to supplement traditional teaching with early clinical exposure.

A comparison between videotaped and live demonstrations, for the teaching of removable partial denture procedures. Analysis and Findings The audio taped records were heard twice by the researchers to facilitate accurate interpretation of the recording and to ensure that minor details were not missed. Dentistry has used various types of simulation in preclinical education for some time [ 27 ]. The second and third question probed the difficulties faced in understanding the subjects and the rest of the questions pertained to the ways of overcoming these difficulties. The College of Dentistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago has introduced an active learning environment for second-year students based on significant clinical exposure with patients [ 2 ]. Exploring the trustworthiness and reliability of focus groups for obtaining useful feedback for evaluation of academic programs. Articles from Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research:

The second and third question explored the faculty perception of difficulties faced by the students in understanding the subject.

Manipal University Prosthodontics Thesis Topics

Student perception about efficacy of preclinical fixed prosthodontic training to facilitate smooth transition to clinical context. Attitude of medical and dental first year students towards teaching methods in a medical college of northern India. Find articles by Sushma S Nayak. The moderator motivated the participants to share their experiences and put across views freely and ensured the discussion was not dominated by any particular member. In the first and second year, you were exposed to the basics topocs this subject.


Manipal University Prosthodontics Thesis Topics

Preclinical dental education promotes development of competency and expertise before students work on patients, but this phase is devoid of theiss to univrrsity patients leading to challenges in teaching-learning. Introducing dental students to clinical patient care: The results of our study are similar to those of Haralur SB and Al-Malki AE according to whom students are not trained to cope up with commonly found clinical variations [ 3 ].

Later, the themes were derived from the code families.

manipal university prosthodontics thesis topics

Parolia A et al. According to you, which topic can we consider for developing prosthoontics module? Author J received training in qualitative research methods, contributed towards development of FGD guide and identified key strategy to be adopted for conducting the discussion thus contributing towards strengthening of qualitative research methods.

Respondent validation was done during the FGD wherein the information collected from the subject was summarized to the subject and checked for accuracy.

As a faculty, you have guided undergraduate dental students in preclinical prosthodontics. Unable to understand the implications properly. Early clinical exposure to preclinical students.

manipal university prosthodontics thesis topics

The sample for the FGD was a purposive sample. Syllabus modification to include relevant topics: Materials and Methods This was a qualitative study based on phenomenology using FGDs to understand the phenomenon challenges in learning preclinical prosthodontics.

Clinical simulation in teaching preclinical dentistry. Effect of a procedural video CD and study guide on the practical fixed prosthodontic performance of Iranian dental students. Find articles by Banashree Sankeshwari. Aim The aim of this study was to explore the challenges faced by students during the process of learning preclinical prosthodontics.


Find articles by S Jyotsna. According to Goset J and Espinoza P, students considered educational videos especially the demonstrative type as a useful tool being complementary to the role of the teacher [ 21 ].

The first few minutes were spent to break the ice and build rapport, provide orientation to the subjects and to make them feel comfortable. Assessing learning preferences of dental students using visual, auditory, reading-writing, and kinesthetic questionnaire. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Clinical seminars and active group discussions are generally preferred by students compared with traditional didactic lectures [ 917 ]. Gerzina TM et al.

Both of the student FGDs comprised of 10 participants each five interns, three final years and two third years.

Results The students and the faculty felt that the subject of prosthodontics is vast, difficult to visualize and also difficult to correlate theory with practical aspects.

Pgosthodontics procedures like casting could be better understood by demonstration. Teaching is more theoretical: Conclusion The students and the faculty expressed felt need to supplement traditional teaching with early clinical exposure.