I enjoyed your review. When equipped with this power unit, the Thesis offers extra punch and accentuates agility and handling to satisfy customers who have no intention of giving up on a fast drive. Skip to content Lovely and wrong: I notice low mileage Kappas are still worth a lot. On the Lancia Thesis, the thermodynamic efficiency of this power unit is combined with a smooth, gradual turbo action able to assure outstanding comfort with scintillating performance comparable to that of a far bigger aspirated engine. I wanted to notice the steering character rather than to notice I could not detect anything either way.

Ventilated disc brakes Length: The car looks slightly too short which is a huge pity as the car is in fact, actually very big indeed. Naturally, the boot lid is power operated, requiring merely nudge of a button to open and a slight push to close. That kind of road testing is, in the end, rather pointless except to say that the Thesis, could in extremis, make a good fist of getting you from Zurich to Lausanne decisively ahead of schedule, even if you avoided the motorways. The size is perfect and it is remarkably smooth. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

The Lancia range needed a car between the Lybra and Thesis: The Thesis passes the door slam test, by a factor of five. I have read and agree. The market has belatedly discovered what excellent cars they are.

There is a leggy one for sale in Kolding. The car had plenty of muscle to do some asphalt ripping which is great if you really have to press on.


Lancia Thesis 3.0 V6 (215 Hp) Technical specifications and fuel economy

And thus it lands between a few stools. It is not a surprise to me, being an owner: To this end, Lancia threw enormous resources at the Thesis such that it had its own unique platform and shared no pressings or interior parts with any other Fiat group product.

lancia thesis 3.0 fuel consumption

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Pulling the door shut required a well-judged degree of effort, just enough to make you notice the heft. This effect is due to a temporary lack of the energy required to accelerate the turbine from a resting speed of 20, rpm to the 30, rpm that is available with maximum turbo boost. I think the styling has held up well — it was an influential design cnosumption its class and considering the constraints put on the design team, that is no mean feat.

Lancia Thesis specs, size dimensions, fuel consumption

The pistons offer a compression ratio of With all that in mind, the Delta is available, not too high a mileage, spacious and nigh on unique, airbagged. In addition, subtle perforations in a metal strip across the dash allow draught free ventilation. There are no saloons — the Kolding car is an estate.

The cylinder head gasket is metallic multilayer type to ensure maximum reliability. Have you driven a Thesis?

lancia thesis 3.0 fuel consumption

Thanks for stopping by Fintan. But if driven as intended, the Thesis as a car simply disappears for both driver and passenger and instead the wealth of creature comforts come to the fore. Email required Address never made public. Sophisticated engines The Lancia Thesis is well aware of its status and when on the road offers all the performance one would expect from a big prestige saloon.


It made me think of a Mercedes SEL 6.

Lancia Thesis V6 24v Technical Specs, Dimensions

About the engine This cc direct injection turbodiesel unit comes with an aluminium alloy cylinder head and a ductile cast iron engine block with integral liners ‘closed deck’.

In the case of the 2. The fuel system is also returnless, i. I doubt it was intentional. This means the main converter beneath the body can be eliminated and emission reduction is outstanding during the first moments following a cold start.

Not consumtpion much has been written about the Thesis so I decided to see for myself what the car was really like and to find out why only 16, were sold during a seven year production run.

lancia thesis 3.0 fuel consumption

For anyone who can fall in love with a good-looking, luxurious car and the unmistakable throb of an engine that is reminiscent of great, powerful Lancias of the past such as the Aurelia. Lancix is even charming in many of its details. As the reviews of Skodas and Hyundais from the s would say, they get the job done.

Technical characteristics and fuel economy: Lancia Thesis 3.0 V6 (215 Hp)

At the rear were installed multiple-arm suspension elements, designed to provide a good capacity to absorb impacts. Objectively, the worst things about the car were trivial: Because the pump and injectors are controlled by an electronic system, injection pressure and injected fuel quantity can be optimised for each engine service point.

Variable Induction System and can therefore assume two configurations: