KTIP is designed to help beginning teachers interns experience a successful first year in the classroom. Assist the teacher intern with instructional activities such as planning, management techniques, assessment, and parent conferences;. If an intern begins on August 1, the committee should use the school calendar to physically count from August 1 until the end of the school year to account for the — instructional days. TPA evaluates a teacher on an additional standard, Leadership. Click “Accept” to continue to use NKU website s , and consent to our collection of cookies. Permit the intern to complete an additional cycle Cycle IV and determine the status of the internship using the scores of this cycle.

Elementary Education Program Faculty Re: The cycle increments are mandated by regulation. Lesson Plan Task B: How might you extend this subject to keep the motivation for learning high? By the end of the internship year Spending the required 50 mentoring hours unless budget bill language allows for fewer hours with the resource teacher suggested 25 hours per semester of outofclass time during the year.

Be sure to give interns enough time to complete this task before the committee meeting is set.

Assignment of beginning teacher committee members in accordance with legal requirements. Future revisions may be necessary.

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) – ppt download

If the teacher intern is employed after the date required to submit the Confirmation of Employment in accordance with Section 4 3 a of this administrative regulation, the teacher training institution shall appoint a teacher educator no later than ten 10 days after being notified by the district or nonpublic school of the need for a teacher educator. Emphasize urgency to address concerns and issues no later than two days after lesson to be identified in Task C.


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Observer’s Signature Intern’s Signature Any electronic communications that relate to any aspect of the internship sent to the teacher intern along with read receipts and responses back from the teacher intern if available; and.

With your partners, discuss possible leadership projects that will improve your school. Organizing and Analyzing Results tables for whole class and diverse learners b. Refer to Response to Intervention trainng addition to participants feedback.

ktip training homework

For Example, if the Orientation is held on September 4, begin counting on September 5 for day one of the 60 day span for Cycle 1. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Rating for faculty whose performance clearly and consistently exceeds requirements in principal professional responsibilities.

The Certification Application Process. These materials should be on file in the Education Professional Standards Board by May 1 for full-year interns. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Workforce Enterprise Services For: How can I obtain a full-time contracted More information.

Be a violation of KRS Agatha and is composed of one elementary More information. If an intern receives a holistic score of 1 or 2 in the first two cycles, this indicates a need for targeted mentoring efforts. See Tutorial Once you have established a username and password, select Intern Management System IMS to create timesheets resource teachercreate the Record for Internship Year principaland sign off on timesheets and reports.

Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP)

The intern should have a deep understanding of each standard. Two 2 observations lasting one 1 hour in duration or one 1 class period followed by an observation of the teacher intern’s one 1 hour or one 1 class period videotaped classroom lesson. The complete IPR is found on our website. The English Portfolio Process. Prior to first observation Completing the required 20 hours suggested 10 hours per semester of inclass mentoring hours for the year in the intern s classroom setting and entering into the online resource teacher time sheet.


Intern Performance Records 9.

kentucky teacher internship program (ktip)

Students desiring an Interdisciplinary More information. Education Professional Standards Board Attn: To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

What methods do schools have to communicate learning results to students and parents? Admission Data Table 1 provides the. Emphasize the you must statements on page This administrative regulation establishes the requirements for the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program.