That is not something you want. It was very easy to understand. Aim of this workshop is to teach developers how to develop rich client applications, not a website with some JavaScript on it. The web as it came in the decade, was a step back in terms of tooling and user experience but it was a huge advantage in terms of deployment. Most common design patterns: Value for your Money. I feel it has given me enough to explore my performance testing skills in Load Runner.

But a great developer is never going to be a great tester, and a great tester is never going to be a great developer. Got very good experience. On the other hand, if you come to the workshop willing to learn, ask and practice, this workshop will save you a lot of time, effort and mistakes. Sometimes imperative style is the result of ignorance but it can also spot lack of trust in the team. All my queries were answered in no time.

I would also like to convey my special thanks to the IQ Online Training! I thank and personally recommend IQ Online Training for those who want to learn things in the best possible way. I can safely say IQ Online Training is one of the best training company. I have attended several training before, but I can’t recall any of them having such a strong homeork.

Where should you use Behaviour-Driven Development?

Instructors are having really well knowledge and they are willing to share their knowledge with the students. I like the way the sessions have been organized, with the Prerequisites required for the next session and the assignments, QUIZ post session etc Also the course content is regularly updated.


Some people think this is the only realistic way to test an application. Very happy overall with the quality of the training, and would not hesitate to study with IQ Online Training again! He was able to manage the virtual class, just like a real classroom.

Where should you use Behaviour-Driven Development?

Fast tests give you quicker feedback and that is worth a lot. Simplicity and Convenience was there. Hence provided me the grace of 30 days for preparation cucumbed the course.

The Given-When-Then blocks scope asynchronous calls so that every block is executed once the calls have finished. Apart from this general thoughts I learned something in every talk, every keynote and every chat during coffee breaks or dinners.

Category: Test Driven Development

Mainly because browsers are improving a lot. In a traditional website I can’t “mock” a panel or any other view to check that some text has been added to it as a result of a “click” event triggered by a button. I really cucumer a lot and will surely miss not having the classes anymore. I didn’t know any of the guys in the table and had a great time talking to them. Then I took Data Science training in it, which is my area of interest.

They provide all forms of media to ensure this. He always make sure that whether I’m getting his point or not.

homework 3 bdd and cucumber

The Three Amigos involves the business, development and testing voices. Great place to learn IT courses practically for everyone. Definitely the best online class I ever took. The instructor, chenna, did a marvelous job.

homework 3 bdd and cucumber

Now i am doing job. Better advice would describe why BDD should be used in more places than just testing an application through the user interface.


The other helpers are here:. I will not explain what an automated test is, I expect attendees to be familiar with the notion of test-first development. Best training for Guidewire.

Looking forward for the Certification soon!! I help with any doubts on those exercises. Thank you so much.

homework 3 bdd and cucumber

I had a good learning experience on SAP Hybris here.