The tomb is constructed on a plain square block with towers on each corner in dark gray basalt, decorated with plasterwork. Always been fascinated by this building. Rather, such mystical thought was familiarly bound with pre-modern cosmology. Sign in with Google. The excellent architecture and the magnanimous size has earned Gol Gumbaz the title of being ‘second largest dome in the world’. Reaching Gol Gumbaz is not only easy but also fun if you opt to travel on traditional vehicles like tongas and carts. Be the first to add a question.

Another greatness about this tomb is that it is a whispering gallery where even the mild sound is multiplied hundred fold and reverberates. As an architect, I appreciate very much this post. By Hemant Singh May 18, This structure is also one of the biggest single chamber structures in the world. Gol Gumbaz, literally meaning round dome is a tomb of Muhammad Adil Shah CE planned by himself even before his death. Yes, it is hard to come away from there. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, is feet in diameter.

Situated in the small town of Bijapur in the state of Karnataka, Gol Gumbaz was constructed by Mohammed Adil Shah as his tomb to bury the mortal remains, right after his accession to the throne in I love travelling, our family goes to new gil every year.

Ranked 1 among Places to Visit in Bijapur. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. I also loved the way you put me into the city, feeling the sweat dripping from my brow and wishing I had hailed a tuk tuk.


I would love it!

The Mystery of the Whispering Gallery of Gol Gumbaz

Inside the gigantic dome, “whispering gallery” runs around. Retrieved 3 August It is believed in some quarters, for structural reasons, that the masonry of the Gol Gumbaz does serve only to transmit vertical stresses to the masonry. A verifcation code has been sent to your mobile number Please enter the verification code below.

This is the most convenient mode of transportation. It is located in Bijapur, karnataka. This podium also has a wooden canopy, which symbolises the exact position of the grave of Mohammed Adil Shah.

You can travel to Gol Gumbaz by buses that ply from all parts of the city, at a maximum interval of 15 minutes.

Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur | Images, History, Architecture & Information

Geometric precision was achieved for the various elements of the dome, including the cast joints, the curved tubular sections and gunbaz fixings, through meticulous workmanship.

All plastic art forms are symbiotic on each other for their fullest expression, with the performing and literary arts playing supplementary and essya roles in the overall composition. Gol Gumbaz, literally meaning round dome is a tomb of Muhammad Adil Shah CE planned by himself even before his death.

The gate blends elements of the Hindu and Islamic architectural styles. How to Reach Gol Gumbaz.

The center of this rostrum has the cenotaph of Mohammed Adil Shah. Can you recommend any books that have to gumbwz with the Islamic architecture in India? The grand structure of the monument is composed gumbazz a cube on each side, which is capped by a dome in external diameter.


Bijapur is famous for rssay beautiful monuments built in the Islamic architectural style during the reign of the Adil Shahi dynasty. This is truly monumental. These are named so because even the slightest of the sound can be heard on the other side due to the acoustics of the space. You share such unique and interesting experiences that I find so inspiring, and Gol Gumbaz is no exception. I am seriously speechless. It would probably give me a headache!

What Makes the Gol Gumbaz Astonishing?

The Gol Gumbaz architecture is unique. This magnificent monument was constructed by the architect Yaqut of Essah, in the year Your posts are really educative.

gol gumbaz essay

Dear Aileen Chang, I came across this post of yours while googling for information about Gol Gumbaz which I visited last week. The construction of this monument continued throughout Mohammed Adil Shah’s regime and was not completely executed wssay to his sudden demise in Goa – Portugal in India Goa with its beaches, carnivals, cuisines and casinos is the perfect holiday destination in India.

That dome is truly impressive.

gol gumbaz essay