Each research question has been split into 2 or 3 sub-questions. Some effectiveness; poor efficiency: Here are a few suggestions: Dogs must be kept on lead on the promenade and the beach; Owners must pick up faeces, for which bins were provided at every metres. Use statements with a balance of positive and negative.

Often it is a good idea to word the question so that people could respond with positive answers, negative answers or a mixture of the two. It was difficult to judge at what point the behavior became anti-social. How vulnerable are different places along the coast at x to coastal flooding and rising sea-levels? Illustration 7 represents area of the beach, which received [the highest] Level 5 on litter scale. Repeat the experiment at least 3 times, or until you judge that the running mean for distance travelled by a pebble indicates that you have taken an adequate sample.

Type of data Primary data collection technique Secondary data collection source Beach morphology Beach profiles Coarse sediment analysis: Severity of coastal flooding can be determined by considering the properties that would be affected by flooding, especially clasts economic value or worth if damaged.

Geography Coursework- Coasts

Follow a straight transect line from the edge of the sea to the end of the active beach. Some effectiveness; poor efficiency: Responses are limited to positions on a scale. Use a set of graduated sieves can be used to sort sediment samples into different size categories in millimetres or as phi sizes. Groyne measurements Rip-rap volume and weight measurements. However, fishing, swimming and watersports create particularly serious conflicts, as they tend to happen at the same time and several accidents were spotted.


How geofraphy is human activity to coastal flooding? A lot of people hide alcohol, when seeing policemen, or drink off the road, where they do not go: Choose a stretch of coast with some variation.

Risk and vulnerability 9. The mean score for the safety index is 3,58, which indicates some issues of safety. Closed questions can also be given as a statement.

gcse geography coursework coasts example

However, in July and August unemployment actually increased, suggesting lack of correlation between tourist inflow and unemployment. Lowest levels of rubbish are in the morning — cleaning times 7: A pilot survey will show whether the criteria you have chosen are appropriate.

Geography- Whistable Coast Project

The largest proportion of home tourists come from Southern regions of England due to their proximity and transport links; there is also a considerable share of West Midlands tourists due to Cross-County train service running from Manchester to Bournemouth.

Is there any historical evidence for changing land use along the coast at x? Land use type Tally Score Heography retail e. Provision of rubbish bins near the beach Costs: Projections of coastal flooding as a result of sea level rise can be modelled using Flooding Firetree.

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Evaluating the impact and severity of flooding behind coastal defences Severity of coastal flooding can be determined by considering the properties that would be affected by flooding, especially their economic value or worth if damaged. Use a tape measure to find the height of beach material on either side of a groyne.

Construct your own environmental quality assessment. Samuel — for providing monthly revenue data. In the long-term the consequences might be significantly differing. Putting signs and controlling Effectiveness: Therefore tourists contribute to the economy of Bournemouth in terms of revenues.


Coastal Management – FSC Geography Fieldwork

If irrelevant randomit is omitted. Rip-rap or rock armour is often used as a technique of coastal defence. The size and shape of coarse sediments can be measured on the beach.

gcse geography coursework coasts example

However, it does not prevent people from using the Zig-Zag serpentine to come down to the beach and from there towards the pier with undetected alcohol, as there are no checking barriers on the beach. Shoreline Management Exam;le and Environment Agency documentation can provide you with values for the cost of the different types of sea defence in your study area.

High resolution maps are available that show individual buildings and height above sea level. What coastal management strategies are used at x?