Inshaallah, I hope to see you on my journey. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: My group did medicine based on the guidelines given to us. Silent Storm January 07, To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Interview Multiple level of interviews.

Essentially, it means that they want to know even more about why you applied for your desired subject of choice under a less pressured situation. For example, my first case study was about revamping a book business with 4 stores, and they gave a table with figures and stats of how each shop is doing in terms of revenue and expenditure. Last week, me and my sister went for a short trip to Penang during my 2-weeks holidays, which is the longest holiday I could get in a year, First thing we had to work on is individual presentation. Really interesting experience, thanks for sharing.

Merely a form to submit and no questions asked. We have to plan a convocation carnival which we have to show the layout and carried out some calculations to find the profit margin.

Bank Negara Kijang Scholarship Academy 2015

If you are awarded the scholarship, you will receive a phone call from BNM telling you the discipline you are sponsored to pursue; you will also be told of the country in which your undergraduate studies will take place, hopefully. Is there a bond that comes with the scholarship? So, being naive at that point in life, I was adamant that I would study wherever my ubtuk lies. Fretting won’t help at all.


There’s bound to be good and bad teachers negra. It was because I had a clearer vision of my thoughts with that bqnk topic. Not entirely bad, but not that good either. Can you really compromise this decision for the rest of your life? If you don’t, then let me make this clear for you.

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Thanks fr being so informative. Then we were taken to the place to be interviewed.

essay untuk biasiswa bank negara

Now here’s the stressful part. By this stage, approximately half of the applicants would have been dropped out, leaving every group with on average members.

It’s simple to set up. The Kijang Emas scholarship scheme which I applied for on the other hand is for any field including medicine, engineering etc. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Your blog post was really informative and helpful. They asked the common questions like “Tell me about yourself. Hi there, I’m sorry if this reply came too late! I think I bkasiswa for everyone when I say that Sasana Kijang is an awe-inducing, glass-and-metal building standing majestically as a gigantic icon of pride for Bank Negara and the country.

essay untuk biasiswa bank negara

Intuitively, they are not going to interview everyone personally if they can cut down some by this stage, which is exactly what happens. Syahirah Omar 15 March at Silent Storm April 01, 4: The registration period was from 5 — 7 pm and I had planned to reach by 5, but due to the KL traffic I only reached at around 6. I was contemplating between question 1 and 2, but I ended up with the latter, about unemployment among graduates.


After the activity, we had a debriefing session by the assessors.

With no time to gape over the exterior, we were guided into the lobby, and then to our respective training rooms by group. My application experience was a little different, as I originally applied for the normal undergraduate scholarship, but was subsequently awarded the Kijang Emas scholarship.

Bank Negara Interview Questions

After all, you’re standing among them, too! Biasiwsa is important in this activity is, do not show that you have given up on your group or bicker with your groupmates even if it already obvious that the tower would not be able to stand.

essay untuk biasiswa bank negara

And the assessment was in 2 days time??? What would make you happy? To start the year, my friend, Hairul had this idea to help our juniors out with their scholarship hunting after their S The questions came out like this.