With exceptional passion and outstanding leadership, Mrs. This day is seen as the beginning of the new Nepal Sambat calendar year. Along with the seven-coloured tika , sisters provide brothers with Sagun , sweets, Makhamali Gomphrena globosa garland, and a sacred cotton thread of Tantric importance, similar to Janai thread meant to protect their bodies. On the day, food is given to crow and worshipped. The third day is special day in the festival. People go in group with males and females members to celebrate Bhailo and deusi both.

The fourth day is the day of ox. Cows are worshipped with sesame oil light, garland of flower and red color abir. Finally we made it to your home! In Nepal, the dog plays an important role as “the gatekeeper of death”, which is said to lead the deceased across the river of death in the underworld. It falls in September to Octorber and lasts for

How to cite this page Choose cite format: This page was last edited on 7 Mayat Cow dung has big importance in Hindu culture. Laxmi puja is not only for essau but is equally done by Companies. Puja involves following a traditional ritual in which sisters circle brothers three times dripping oil on the floor from a copper pitcher. Coincidentally, Laxmi Puja also marks the birthday of Laxmi Prasad Devkotawho is widely revered and honoured as the greatest poet of Nepali language.

Tihar Festival

In this 3rd day of the Tihar Festival, the entire nation becomes an illumination of lights. Like the girls on Gai Tihar, boys go door-to-door on the fourth day of Tihar to sing Ij. The dos is considered one of the most faithful domestic animal. If nothing works, you find one among your friends and neighbors, it becomes almost as if it was real. It is considered to be of great importance as it shows contribution to not just the humans and the gods, but also to the animals like crows, cows, and dogs that maintain an intimate relationship with humans.


essay on tihar in nepali language

Brothers sit on the floor while their sisters perform their puja. There is no formal ceremony for Tihar Festival. Those who do not essah sisters enter the temple to receive tika from priets. Since Nepal lunar calendar won’t be published in advance, essy couldn’t figure out the exact date of Tihar Festival. Nepalese put on their new clothes and make determination to start a new life.

In the afternoon we clean our houses, paint floors with Red Mud Rato Mato and cow dung gobar. These days, in some groups, a full performance of music and dancing are performed by artists. Together, they ate sweets, talked and enjoyed themselves to their hearts’ content.

Tihar – We All Nepali

Your email address will not be published. On the day, homes are cleaned and decorated by flowers and lights. It is observed by sisters applying tilaka or tika to the foreheads of their brothers to ensure long life and thank them for the protection they provide.

Deusuray Rato Batoo Deusuray. The third day is to welcome the Goddess of Laxmi. Dogs usually scare away thugs and thieves and it is also a good friend of the owner.

Tihar, What are the 5 days of Tihar?

It is believed that Laxmi likes light in homes and she visits the homes that look attractive. Tihr from ” https: Each languagd of the family has one Mandap. Therefore, every sister worships her brother keeping him in the circle of mustard oil, putting mala garland of Makhmali flower and Dubo grass. Tihar and Flower Garland — Flower Garland also known as necklace of Flowers or flower leis is called Malla in Nepali, which is widely used in Tihar festival for home decoration and also to put around brothers and sisters neck.


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Traditionally dogs have been kept at homes to keep the home alnguage from bad people. Still now no Puja is complete without cow dung in Nepali Hindu culture.

essay on tihar in nepali language

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On this day, people pray to the Kukur to guard their homes. Tihar, festival in, nepal: