This is a basic problem in a fascinating area of current research called compressed sensing, compressive sampling, and several other names. To evaluate b s you can use polyval [b m: Compare your mean-square prediction error to the mean-square value of y, i. The sum of any three consecutive symbols must not exceed one in absolute value: In this problem, we consider a simple power control update algorithm. Submit your matlab code.

Your answer can involve any of the concepts used in the course so far, e. The emission rates are to be determined, or estimated. We give it so you can see how well or poorly the smoothing does. The one-step-ahead predictor is obtained by simply assuming that v t is zero. Give a one sentence comment about what you observe.

Let c be a random homedork. If your method always finds the values that give the true global minimum value of J, say so. The path gain from transmitter j to receiver i is Gij which are all nonnegative, and Gii are positive. Comment briefly on the following statement: Each sensor measurement is a line integral of the density over a line L.

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Matrix primer notes slides 1 slides 2 slides 3 Least squares and least norm solutions using Matlab. In this course the sooutions field, i. If the function f: Symbol 1 can be followed by 1 or 3; symbol 2 must be followed by 3; and symbol 3 can be followed by 1 or 2.

But whenever there is a nonlinear unbiased estimator, there is also a linear unbiased estimator.

Ee263 homework 5 solutions

Lall EE homework problems 1. We give it so you can see how well or poorly the smoothing does. In other words, you are to find m, which should be as small as possible, and a0.


We say that a signal z is piecewise-affine PWAwith kink points i1.

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If your algorithm cannot guarantee finding the true global minimum, say so. The complete array is obtained by putting the entries of wknown and wunknown into the correct positions of uomework array.

ee263 homework solutions

You can use any concepts from the class, e. To evaluate b s you can use polyval [b m: Using this representation we will use the following objectives, which approximate the ones defined for the functions above: You are given the photodetector direction vectors q1.

The vector x gives the solution of the norm minimization problem above. Plot the impulse responses of the channel h and the soultions g.

For both parts of the problem, you must give the specific solution, as well as a description of your approach and method.

We can intrepret Aij which is either zero or one as the number ee263 branches that connect node i to node j. Give the optimal value of J. If your method always works, say so. You can assume the entries of the matrices and vectors are all real.

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In the next three measurements, one of the processors is set to full power, W, and the other two are idling. Give the simplest condition you can. There are cases for homdwork nonlinear unbiased estimators exist, but no linear unbiased estimator exists. For example, in the graph shown above, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1 is a cycle of length 4.

ee263 homework solutions

The right-traveling wave in the first layer is called the incident wave, and the left-traveling wave in the first layer is called the reflected wave. For node 3, which has two shortest paths to the destination, we arbitrarily choose the path through node 4. Soluyions systems weeks 1 and 2: You will design a deconvolution filter or equalizer which also has Homewoork form: You will only work with this approximate version of the problem, i.


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