DoKS October http: EPrints Agricultural Sciences December http: Help Center Find new research papers in: Some thoughts Institutional repositories are becoming prevalent in academic sector. Diva-Portal publicering, Uppsala Universitet, Sweden http: DSpace Technology, Bombay 84 http:

Majority of the E-theses repositories were dedicated to science and technology. Policy Perspectives and National Initiatives. EPrints November Paul Sabatier http: Retrieved April, from http: Now different models are being developed to provide access, manage costs, and manage an organization’s scholarly output, especially at colleges and universities. Publications National Chung Hsing http:

An institutional repository is distinguished from a subject-based repository by its institutionally defined scope.

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Manpower requirements, quality and quantity of contents, metadata standards, technical specifications, copyrights barrier, and policy issues are major concerns that need to be addressed for developing IDRs as component of open access knowledge movement.

A reservoir of Indian theses Institutional Repository has four characteristics as defined by Johnson Thaoar IRs are also used as electronic presses to publish e-journals and e-books.

Few repositories have not mentioned the number of objects uploaded.

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As per ROAR, repositories have been categorized as follow: General, Arts and Humanities General; 46 National http: DSpace University of Fort Hare http: DSpace http: University of Pisa 24 May Digital Library Center Other 4 May University Librarians http: DSpace Dspzce Center http: In the face of rising costs, flat budgets, and restricted access to information, as well as rapid changes in technology, scholarly practice, and patron expectations, libraries of any type or size have been challenged to maintain their depth of collections and high level of services.


It can support research, learning, and scholarly communication processes of an organization.

dspace thesis thapar

Published papers preprints, post prints, conferences Books Theses Unpublished documents Multimedia objects Learning objects Special items etc. DSpace October http: UGC has recommended that all the universities should set up theses repository to facilitate e-submission, archiving, maintenance and access to these repository at the university level.

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Collects and curates digital outputs 5. The movement traces its history at least back to the s, but became much more prominent in the s with the advent of digital communications, in particular the Internet. DSpace Witwatersrand, http: EPrints Uppsala University http: Help Center Find new research papers in: DSpace 17 Spain http: DSpace University of Waterloo December http: Bythe ETD movement had spread internationally to include thousands of university members.

University of Limpopo 29 April History of ETD activities.

DSpace Universidade da Beira http: Growth Rate of Repository year-wise Year No. Amherst College, United http: Retrieved May 21,from www. Dsspace Technology, Bombay 84 http: Retrieved April, from http: University of Fort Hare 29 April