Practice For Sale – Pediatrics 0. Share with current students. My name is Melissa DeCapua , and I am a board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner. Practice For Sale – Thoracic Surgery 0. Instead, embrace rejection by telling them you understand but would appreciate if they could connect you with another medical provider who would be willing to help out.

Leave this field blank. I started my career as a registered nurse at Cincinnati Children’s psychiatric hospital before earning a doctorate degree in nursing practice from Vanderbilt University to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner. More information about text formats. General Neurological Surgery The days of cookie-cutter cover letters are over.

I came up with a letter to send out to a few wound care clinics i am hoping to secure a preceptor thought. General Neurological Surgery Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Put a stamp on that envelope chick and mail it. Finding a clinical site before it is snatched up by another NP student may not always be feasible, so why not share clinical preceptors with other students?

Find a Student Seeking a Preceptor

Work with your university Even if you attend a nurse practitioner program that does not assist students in securing ketter sites, faculty at your university have connections with the outside world.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and I look forward to meeting with you soon. Job Search Employers Associations Contact. Can i get your feedback?

Locum Tenens – Urology 0. Past graduates of your nurse practitioner program likely had similar problems securing clinical preceptorships as NP students and will relate to your quandary.

More information about text formats. Conclude with a salutation such as sincerely or kindest regards, or something else that reflects your personality.


Practice For Sale – Rheumatology lettr. As a nurse practitioner student you’ve got a lot riding on your clinical placements. Practice For Sale – Med-Peds 0.

Can you read my letter and give me your thoughts? Even if you are a first semester nurse practitioner studentor haven’t fjp started your NP program, it’s not too early to start looking for individuals willing to help you in your education.

cover letter for fnp preceptor

Heart Failure Cardiology Pediatric Gastroenterology – DDW 5. Pediatric Emergency Medicine The cover letter should reflect who you are, pique the reader’s interest, and direct them to your resume. Adult Congenital Heart Disease Cardiology 5.

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As of now, the tentative dates for clinical rotation are August 26, through October 14, approximately 8 weeks. General HIV Medicine 2. Ask the director of your NP program where students have completed clinical hours in the past.

cover letter for fnp preceptor

When taking this approach, visit clinics in the early morning hours right at opening before receptionists are inundated with patients and providers are running behind. Apr 25, by pnkgirl If times are tough and none of fnpp clinical- finding strategies are working, reach out on your own to local medical practices as a last ditch effort.

Job Opportunities The Rounds: I would like to schedule a time to discuss this opportunity in greater detail and provide you with more information. Locum Tenens – Thoracic Surgery 0. Who is attending NTI? Gastroenterology – General – DDW Universities with large preceptor networks even advertise that students may be required to preceptkr up to two hours each way to a clinical site.


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