Then, in a process of acid leaching with seawater and sulfuric acid by the use of the column leaching was applied. Untuk alasan bahwa tingkat pengangguran masalah di Jawa-Madura cukup tinggi, faktor tenaga kerja lebih berpengaruh terhadap tingkat kemiskinan di Jawa-Madura pada tahun R2 selalu di atas 35 persen dibandingkan faktor-faktor sosio-ekonomi lainnya , terutama di kabupaten. This paper describes the process of vegetation changes and surveys it with drought indexes such as statistical and remote sensing indexes and correlation between temperature and relative humidity by Geographical Information System GIS and Remote Sensing RS in forest park of Bandar Abbas in successive years. The study conducted in July to October was devided in two stages: E-learning is a new learning model in the educational use of information technology in teaching and learning. To evaluate water stability in the Bandar Abbas water distribution system, the network was divided into 15 clusters and 45 samples were taken.

However, forms and operations of urban sprawl may vary in important manners according to determine geographical and historical characteristics, and these difference need to be reviewed with creation geodatabase of spatial and attribute data during past periods until now of urban formation and expansion. The output from this research will generate a mapping of the heritage buildings and it is expected that it can provide useful information for the development of the city stakeholders to determine the direction of future development of Bandar Senapelan. The Guri Member at the bottom of the Mishan Formation, in some areas such as Bandar Abbas hinterland, contains a significant amount of gas. The presence of low immobile trace elements in the Zendan salt dome and type of alteration shows that maybe the origin of this iron is deposited from brine fluid. I’ll be really very grateful.


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Testing to see the influence between variables and examine the linkages between food security and poverty. Tebal perkerasan landas parkir ini adalah mm.

The common Reed absorption average was Kajian ini menggunakan pendekatan sosial-ekonomi, Analisis clntoh yang digunakan bertujuan untuk mempermudah data ke dalam bentuk yang lebih mudah untuk dibaca dan diinterpretasikan.

This research aimed to find out the potential of archaeological heritage in Sam Ratulangi airport area of Manado. Meskipun sudah ada pajak rokok namun konsumsi rokok tetap terus meningkat. Conroh untuk melihat pengaruh antar variabel dan menguji keterkaitan antara ketahanan pangan dengan kemiskinan. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui perbedaan hasil tangkapan hiu dari alat tangkap rawai hanyut dan rawai dasar yang dioperasikan oleh nelayan yang berbasis di PPI Tanjung LuarLombok Timur.

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The results suggest that necessary precautions be taken by environmental health specialists and other public health authorities in production, transportation and distribution of the ice blocks to reduce the rate of bacterial contamination. Effluent samples which were taken from Chlor-alkali plants were added to the culture medium. This is shown by the results of performance appraisal that does not reflect the actual achievement of an employee.

Materials and methods We have taken 60 samples rocks from the Zendan salt dome, and then prepared 20 thin and polished sections.

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Bandar Lampung with high enough population densities has provides transportation facilities for pedestrian such as pedestrian bridge. This research is conducted in Pasaran Island since it is the center of fish processing in Kota Bandar Lampung.


One-way analysis of variance ANOVAoengaruh samples t-test, and Pearson’s product-moment correlation test were used to analyze the data. Dengan demikian para perempuan buruh pabrik rokok masih menjadi tenaga kerja yang termarginal. However, it seems that the education level of the staff should be enhanced through holding regular short-term radiation training courses.

Abstract Maluku Islands are known in the trade network in the archipelago since past. The decision-making matrix showed low outsourcing of the nursing, radiology, and laboratory services based on the services’ features.

Furthermore, the relationship between occupational stress and mental health was examined. The current research was aimed the study of the prevalence rate of the substance use included: Full Text Available This study was conducted with the intention of examining the causal relationship between the following variables: Thisstudy was conducted to see the extent of poverty in the province of Bali seen fromthe review of the value GDP, life expectancy, and the Human Development Indexduring the period to The settlement has a typology of Malay and vernacular Malay architecture.

Method for parameter estimation is 2SLS. The sampling method used in this survey was multi-stage share random sampling. The results showed that the samples positively contained formaldehyde indeed, which was characterized by a bluish purple color. Dengan demikian dapat disimpulkan bahwa penggunaan media dalam proses bimbingan kelompok dapat meningkatkan kemampuan kreativitas siswa.

This requires frequent monitoring of the shoreline using satellite imagery over time. Full Text Available Perempuan buruh pada umumnya memiliki tingkat pendidikan rendah, bekerja disektor pekerjaan yang tidak memerlukan pendidikan tinggi, ketrampilan dan keahlian khusus, serta berupah yang rendah. Legal dispute settlement through the courts rather than solve the problems it has created more problems between the disputants.


Furthermore, the relationship between occupational stress and mental health was examined. Full Text Available Competence is one of the key variables that determine the performance of an employee.

contoh essay pengaruh mea terhadap pendidikan indonesia

Tulisan yang tidak dapat diverifikasi akan dipertanyakan serta dapat disembunyikan ataupun dihapus sewaktu-waktu oleh Pengurus. Daun sirih dapat dijadikan esday obat penyembuhan keputihan karena mengandung zat samak yang memiliki daya mematikan kuman. So a careful design of the system is required to ensure economic viability. Since prevalence of chloroquine resistance in Plasmodium falciparum at the malarious areas such as Iran and reliable reports from many countries indicating emergence of chloroquine- resistant strains of P.