Richardson provided no substantive response to the memorandum. The Inquiry, chaired by Lord Laming, took evidence from all those involved in the case, from social services, health, housing and the police and a series of seminars with invited contributors were also held. The government also placed Haringey social services department under special measures requiring close supervision by the social services inspectorate. Council apologises to inquiry. He said that he knew Victoria was coping with hardship when he first saw her in August HOW could an eight-year-old child die before the eyes of the authorities? The Guardian discussed the media attention surrounding the case, noticing how sensational events received widespread coverage, yet important but less exciting events received less.

The Home Office pathologist who later examined her corpse described the case as “the worst case of child abuse” he had ever seen. Links to more UK stories In This Section No rush to war, says Blair 10, chased for congestion fine Omagh detectives make arrest Beckham forgives Ferguson Waiter jailed for underage sex Britons ‘baffled over euro rate’ Sleepy drivers who kill face jail Man charged after boy stabbed Climbdown on care home rules Ex-Gurkhas take MoD to court Foster anger over Cheriegate film Fame or misfortune beckons for weblogs? Kouao takes the girl to London after she is pursued by French authorities over benefit payments. Kouao herself was called to the inquiry, becoming the first convicted murderer to appear in person in a public inquiry. However, Ms Bristow still faces a possible jail sentence following the discovery of a further 71 documents relating to Victoria’s case at the end of January. He wrote a damning report on them, describing the Haringey squad involved in the girl’s case as “totally unacceptable” and “bereft” of proper organisation.


Kouao takes a job as a hospital cleaner and the pair initially live in a hostel in north London. They would be the first witnesses to give evidence at the inquiry on the following Friday. May 7 Lord Laming appealed for witnesses to give evidence at the inquiry.

But he admitted failing to contact any child protection services about his concerns. This was the start of Kouao and Manning’s relationship which ended at the time of their arrest eight months later. Lisa Arthurworrey Victoria’s allocated social worker was suspended by Haringey council after Kouao and Manning were found guilty of the girl’s murder in January Top UK stories now: Haringey council held a debate in the council chambers to discuss the Laming report.

However, Ms Bristow still faces a possible jail sentence following the discovery of a further 71 documents relating to Victoria’s case at the end of January.

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The page report made recommendations in child protection reform. Key stories Major stucy sought Chain of neglect Inquiry’s legacy. She is alleged to have removed a key document from Victoria’s file after her murder, made false or misleading statements and failed to maintain childcare standards.

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The report made recommendations. The court heard how the girl was beaten and tied up for 24 hours or more. However, he admitted staff had made mistakes in handling Victoria’s case when she and Kouao arrived in Ealing a month later.

case study victoria climbie

Legacy of an inquiry”. The inquiry uncovered that child protection staff missed at least 12 chances to save Acse. The hospital found no evidence of scabies. Most significantly, a string of professionals continually shifted responsibility elsewhere, assuming the best of everyone rather than the worst.


Anne Bristow The director of housing and social services at Haringey council, Ms Bristow was threatened with facing up to six months in jail by Lord Laming – head of the inquiry into Victoria’s death – under the powers granted to him by the Local Government Act. The following day, his former boss, Chief Superintendent Susan Akers, claimed he had climbiie lying when he said he only held “purely administrative” responsibility for the teams.

She told the inquiry on Monday November 19 that she had not inspected the girl’s home in Tottenham out of fear of catching scabies. Haringey council social worker Lisa Arthurworrey and child protection officer PC Karen Jones later cancelled their August 4 home visit when they heard Victoria had scabies.

The Victoria Climbié Case

Retrieved 29 August Gurbux Singh Chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, Gurbux Singh is one of many high profile figures called to give evidence at the inquiry.

Links to more UK stories are at the foot of the page. Sleepy drivers who kill face jail.

case study victoria climbie

Three London councils, two hospitals and the police were involved with her in the months leading to her murder. Ms Baptiste, a born-again Christian, was found to be “professionally unfit for her job” in November He singled out social vjctoria manager Angella Mairs as a particularly difficult person to deal with.

The Department for Healthhowever, said that they were “fully confident that he is the right person to conduct the inquiry”. Dr Nathaniel Carey The Home Office pathologist found separate injuries on Victoria’s body when he carried out a post mortem. Within days, Victoria would be suffering abuse at the hands of Carl Manning. The court heard how the girl was beaten and tied up for 24 hours or more. They are also involved in championing many child protection reforms.