He possessed the skills of managing different types of people under different situations. But I do not know how I could have helped him; I wonder how he always managed to get into trouble with workers. They pointed out that the incident was costly to the company in the possible loss of a customer, in the dissatisfaction within the employee group, and in the time and money that would be involved in recruiting and training replacements. Critically evaluate c How would you help in improving rough and tough behaviour of employees? The Corporation has the system of appraisal of the superiors performance by the subordinates.

Ultimately, a manager has to get the work done from people. He viewed this assignment as a chance to prove his: The Corporation has created a new post below the cadre of General Manager i. He was a man of proven technical ability with utmost drive and dash. But, he wanted to show his performance record to the management at the next appraisal meeting.

Which of the following is not one of the main sub-processes of counseling?

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The decisions must be evaluated in terms of their long term consequences to the organisation. He recognized that these men were good workers and kalyai good records prior to this incident. They could have considered other options possible also: Which of the following is a future-oriented appraisal technique? The Chief of Personnel said, “l think the incident should help us to appreciate the essential qualification required for a successful supervisor.


An honest and hardworking man need not necessarily prove to be an elfective supervisor.

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Also point out the merits of this method. However, Jitendra moved into the department arid was soon able to overcame initial difficulties. Mukherjee caae his apprehension that in such a case Chatterjee will be of no use to the department, and. Nathu was worried about his wife who was ill at home and was anxious to reach home as quickly as possible.

Pravesh was not cordial in his treatment, rather, he was rude. He found a coorporation worker sitting idle. In this case, both the workers are excellent, and seem to have no intention to violate the rules.

case study performance appraisal at kalyani electronics corporation

Enlist the electronixs methods of performance appraisal. Prakash is a stranger to the system as well as its modusoperandi. Assignment — B Question 1. It could not decide upon the suitability of the candidates to the position, but did find that Mr.

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Which, according to N. Chatterjee dtudy working in Maintenance as a worker for three years. Which of the following is not the aim of performance appraisal? They replaced him with Jitendra, who was participative in his style. A true manager should be a person, who can make people work for the objectives of the organisation and at the same time feel passionate for those goals.

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Back Blog Product Blog. It employed personnel at the lower level and middle level.

case study performance appraisal at kalyani electronics corporation

Which is not the advantage of degree appraisal? Which of the following is not one of the modern methods of performance appraisal? The Personnel Director and the Sales Manager took the position that the discharge of these two valuable men could have been avoided if there had been provision for onsidering the elevtronics of the case. Which step of the stdy should not be involved in the review of performance appraisal? Not only had it been impossible to replace these men to date, but disgruntlement over the incident had led to significant decline in the cooperation of the other workers.


Nevertheless, they had violated a rule for which the penalty was immediate discharge. Prakash is more qualified for the position than elextronics candidates.

But I do not know how I could have helped him; I wonder how he always managed to get into trouble with workers.

case study performance appraisal at kalyani electronics corporation

The ABC Manufacturing Company is a metal working plant under the direction of a plant manager who is known as a strict disciplinarian.

Shukla called Chief of Personnel for advice on this delicate issue. The Plant Manager could not agree with this point of view. Shukla instructed Mukherjee to demote Chatterjee to ccorporation rank of a worker.