On 16 May , the murder of year-old Aarushi Talwar shook the country with the sheer nature of the crime and the suspicion was cast on Hemraj, the servant of the Talwars who was missing. Puneesh Rai Tandon, a neighbour who lived one floor below the Talwars, asked the Jalvayu Vihar security guard Virendra Singh to inform the police. The couple shared the Noida clinic with the Talwars: During this period he was interrogated in detail but no recovery was made and no evidence was found against him. This carema was purchased by Dr.

The opinion of the experts is available to establish that no biological fluid were available on the undergarments and pyjama of Aarushi. They moved to the Supreme Court to seek these reports, but in October , the Court rejected their plea on the grounds that such reports are inadmissible in evidence. The expert has confirmed that when Aarushi was assaulted, the door of her bedroom was open. In , a Ghaziabad court had held Rajesh and Nupur Talwar, guilty of killing Aarushi and the domestic servant. The tower location indicates that he was at his residence. Rajesh Talwar was released later in the day, for lack of evidence, after having spent 50 days in prison. The blood found on the staircase leading to the terrace on 17 May might have come from the mattress that the cleaners were trying to dump on the terrace.

One probe too many”.

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Inthe CBI handed over the investigation to a new team, which recommended closing the case due to critical gaps in the evidence. He used it intermittently; on 12 Septemberthe police traced the phone to takwar residence in Bulandshaharand recovered the phone from one Jitender whom he had just sold the phone to. Nupur Talwar vs State Of U. The CBI was accused of using dubious methods to extract a confession, and all the three men were released after it could not find any solid evidence studj them.


According to Gautam, Dinesh requested him to get the terrace door unlocked.

2008 Noida double murder case

A few days later, on 24 May Aarushi’s birthdaya story in The Pioneer implied that Aarushi had been murdered by Rajesh in an od killing, quoting unnamed sources in the CBI. On the morning of 16 May, the visitors to the Talwars’ house noticed some bloodstains on the terrace door handle.

aarhshi What happened exactly after that differs according to different narco tests and media reports: The CBI closure report also mentions an injury on the occipital bonebut according to the Talwars’ lawyers, the only injury mentioned by the post-mortem report is one on the left parietal bone. Rajkumar was not known to Vijay Mandal and had very little interaction with Krishna. There were accusations that the agency was trying aarushk frame them by forcing confessions out of them.

There were wounds all over his body and the door to the terrace was found locked from inside.

case study of aarushi talwar

Rajesh later claimed that the magistrate did not allow him to make any phone calls, and police threatened him into signing a confession on the way to the jail. The CBI court awarded life imprisonment to the Talwar couple a day later. On 16 Maythe murder of year-old Aarushi Talwar shook the country with the sheer nature of the crime and the suspicion was cast on Hemraj, the servant of the Talwars who was missing.

A whitish discharge was present inside the vaginal cavity and mouth of cervix of deceased Aarushi.


Nupur had found one golf stick in the loft of their residence when the loft was being cleaned around a year after the incident.

Rajiv Kumar and Dr. Subsequently, Rajesh was taken to the Dasna jail. Retrieved arushi June We will call you within 2 working hours.

case study of aarushi talwar

CBI takes over, aaeushi botched investigation: Durrani, a close friend of Dr. Her galwar remained inactive till The defence also stated that Shohrat had been hired to paint the entire apartment, not just the partition. The three men “escaped from the roof of the building after locking the terrace door”. The blunt injury in respect of Aarushi was on the front side of her face on her forehead and on the occipital region.

Rajesh Talwar who was alleged to have killed Aarushi, was recovered on Therefore, their statements regarding movement of persons may not be foolproof. Media played both positive and negative role in this case.

What is the Aarushi Talwar murder case?

In response, the doctor stated that his conclusion was not based on any medical authority, but on experiences from his own married life. It claimed that a portion of the wall between the couple’s casf and Aarushi’s room was made of a plywood partition. However, later, inwhen this vaginal swab sample was sent to CBI’s forensic labs, it was suspected to have been tampered with see below. In spite of best efforts, the fingerprint could not be identified.

Absence of a clear-cut motive.